3 Tips on Building Personal Brand

3 Tips on Building Personal Brand

When it comes to growing a successful home business, one of the essential elements that people seem to struggle with is building a personal brand. (Or worse yet, they simply ignore it all together and add no real VALUE to the marketplace.)

Many believe that branding is only for big fortune 500 type companies, and not necessary for a home business owner, entrepreneur, or someone just getting started.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Personal branding is a bit different than branding for corporate type companies. These companies have deep pockets for big ad spend. Their goal is to get the brand name out as far and as repetitive as possible. They pay millions of dollars for ‘brand awareness.’

Most entrepreneurs don’t have millions of dollars to waste on ‘brand awareness’… Yet it’s just as critical for home business owners to build a personal brand around themselves as it is for the large corporations to build their brands.

So how do you ‘build a personal brand?’

Whether you’re brand new or already having success and seeking the next level…

You Are About to Uncover ‘The 3 Tips on Building a Personal Brand’ around YOU, Incorporated!

Whether you are a network marketer, an affiliate marketer, or selling your own products online…your brand is the driving force of your business.

It’s what first gets you attention from prospects, and goes on to give you credibility… so people trust YOU enough to buy your products or join YOU in a primary business. (Or both!)

But there seems to be some confusion about what building a brand for a home business entrepreneur actually means. We’re going to clear that up now so YOU can start building your personal brand today.

The 3 Tips on Building a Personal Brand (And What Most People Get Dead Wrong!)

Tip #1:  Branding YOU Has NOTHING To Do With the Size of Your Bank Account!

It’s ironic that the thing that holds most people back from building a brand around themselves is the mistake of thinking they must have a big fat bank account before they can start to do so.

The truth is that if you want to get a big bank account (which we know you do), the ONLY way to do it is through personal branding. (NOTE: Even if you are a brand new business owner, you should start this process NOW! Continue reading to figure out how and why…)

It’s not necessary to be earning huge amounts of money (or any for that matter) to start providing massive VALUE to your target market. Money is NOT a prerequisite for creating valuable content.

In fact, your prospects don’t care what your bank account looks like as long as you’re delivering them solutions for THEIR problems through your blog posts, videos, Facebook LIVES, or social media posts.

The reason that people will become loyal to you and YOUR brand is that they see that you care about them, you are providing solutions, you are helping them, and you are adding VALUE to their lives.

How much money has made (or not made) has NOTHING to do with Branding!

They have goals, and if you’re the one to provide the content to get them closer to achieving those goals, then your brand begins to build tons of trust in the marketplace. Your reputation grows, and THEN your bank account starts to match the value you’re delivering.

It cannot happen the other way around!

Tips #2: Prospects Must Know Within 3 Seconds Or Less How THEY Will Benefit

When someone visits your blog or Facebook page, it must be crystal clear what’s in it for them. And they must know within 3 seconds what you, your products, or your services can do for THEM! Attention spans are short, and you have about 3 seconds to hook ’em…

When someone visits your site, it’s because they are looking for something. They need something. Information. Knowledge. A solution to their problem.

This should be on your mind at all times no matter what niche or industry you are in.

Most entrepreneurs spend countless hours trying to come up with a clever tagline to put on their website. And more often than not, what they come up with is all about them! (their opportunity, their business, their products, their services, etc).

And the hard truth is that your visitors don’t care. Especially in the beginning.

What they want to know is what solution you have for them, and they need to know NOW because there are millions of other things on their mind. No time to waste time on your site especially when another ‘competitor’ might have the answers they’re looking for.

Always remember it’s all about your target market’s wants and needs. It’s not about YOU!

Here’s how to quickly make that happen…

Here’s what that looks like in action…

Tips #3: Your Brand Must Stand for a Purpose Greater than YOU!

The idea of branding is to build a LOYAL following. To be unique in the marketplace. To build your tribe and stand far out above the crowd.

But what makes people become loyal to YOU and want to buy from YOU over everyone else?

Why should someone follow you, buy from you, join your business, or use your service over the other options in YOUR marketplace?

Breakout brands, those that take off and go viral, are almost always the ones that hit prospects on a deeply emotional level… it’s FEELINGS, my friend!

You brand STORY must inspire your prospects to join YOUR tribe, and make them feel like they’re part of something much bigger!

If you make your audience feel moved, touched, and inspired… they will want to share your brand with everyone they know. And ‘word of mouth’ is the best form of marketing on the planet

You must give them something (a brand story) that they are excited and proud to be a part of!

When you get your audience to associate the right FEELINGS with your Brand through a story that plays on their heart-strings, the price will never be an issue.

And you will build a cult following of loyal fans that will follow you (and your Brand) to the death.

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