12 Most Promising Dropshipping Niche Ideas For 2018

12 Most Promising Dropshipping Niche Ideas For 2018

What will be hot and trendy in 2018? Let’s try to make predictions for the best dropshipping niche ideas in the upcoming year!

The new year means new opportunities, and basically, a new life.

If you want to make some fundamental changes to your lifestyle, launching a semi-automated business giving you access to unlimited possibilities might be a great place to start.


Because running a dropshipping store, you get an unrivalled opportunity to easily earn healthy profits!

The secret is: the more attention you pay to choosing your dropshipping niche, the greater your income will be.

This is why we continue our tradition of posting the lists of the most interesting dropshipping niche ideas for eCommerce stores to try in the upcoming year! You don’t need to analyze million products – we have already done it for you!

And for those eCommerce entrepreneurs who are looking for some brand new store ideas. We are publishing the results of our latest market research that was aimed at identifying the most promising dropshipping niche ideas for 2018.

So, let’s take a look at the most fortunate and profitable areas for your future business!

Part I. Best dropshipping niche ideas for dog fans

1. Dogs’ accessories

Basically, this niche is always a winning solution.

It’s no secret that the niche of pets’ supplies and accessories never loses its popularity

Why do we think that the niche of dogs’ accessories will become even hotter in the coming year?

According to the globally popular Chinese animal zodiac cycle, 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog.

Can you guess how many people will consider it a great reason to finally adopt or buy a dog?

Since every pet needs a proper care, we can assume that various grooming accessories, dogs’ clothes, training aids, etc. will see a surge in demand soon.

What’s exceptionally important? The steady demand for these items is not just a seasonal whim. It’s a constant tendency that will be present for as long as people keep dogs as pets. In other words, selling products from this niche definitely deserves your attention!

2. Dogs-themed gifts, decorations, and accessories

This niche, again, is a great choice not only for the upcoming year but for any other moment you’ll decide to launch a dropshipping store.

There exists a whole community of people who are really fond of dogs, which is why the segment of gifts for these pets’ fans makes a great choice for your drop shipping store.

Look at the average number of orders in this product category:

It’s just a random selection of AliExpress items! Can you imagine how many outstanding and demanded products you’ll find on this platform if you look carefully?

Part II. Gadgets Niche Ideas

3. Wireless devices

Considering these crazy numbers of orders from AliExpress, it’s safe to say that various pieces of wireless technology are certainly a good pick for your store.

What’s even more important, the up-to-date statistics proves we’re totally right in our predictions.

For example, WhaTech reports that the wireless router industry is estimated to reach $3200.92 million by 2022 while demonstrating an 8.18% compound annual growth rate during the 2017-2022 period.

Business Insider, in turn, expects that the market of hearables, also known as smart headphones, will show an astonishing compound annual growth rate of 45% during the next 5 years.

Finally, the Wireless Audio Market Global Forecast gives us a good reason to include wireless devices in our list of promising dropshipping niche ideas. According to the research, the wireless audio market will reach the mark of $31.80 billion by 2023 while maintaining a 10.06 compound annual growth rate during the 2017-2023 period.

And why is the market growing?

Because the demand for these items is rising, in the first place!

4. Wearable devices

Various kinds of fitness and health trackers gain massive popularity due to 2 reasons: the attitude to healthy lifestyle habits gradually changes, plus the technologies themselves are evolving; as the result, wearables become available to a wide range of new audiences.

The growth of interest towards these items can be seen from the number of AliExpress orders.

And the niche, most certainly, has an incredible potential in the foreseeable future: the data from Zion Market Research makes it clear that the market of wearable sensors will grow at the compound annual growth rate of about 34,2% during 2017-2022, and the market volume will reach around $1,387.04 million by 2022.

At the same time, the Wearable Devices Market Forecast shows that the more broad market of wearable devices is expected to grow to $24.640 billion by 2022 while showing the compound annual growth rate of 25,76% during the 5-year period.

In other words, different types of trackers, as well as other kinds of wearables, are likely to see a nice demand over the next several years, which makes them a lovely choice for your drop shipping store.

5. Smartwatch accessories

The global wearables market shows an incredible year-on-year growth of 7,3%.

What does it mean for you as a dropshipping store owner?

If for some reason you don’t want to sell smartwatches themselves. For example, if you consider them to be a technically complicated item that may cause issues with returns and refunds. You want to broaden your store offer. You can still benefit from the growth of this market by selling the necessary accessories!

Given that wearables are increasingly used for both personal and business reasons, it’s no wonder that smartwatch sales are bound to double in the next 5 years!

With the growing demand for wearables and the rising interest towards customisation and personalisation, it’s quite logical to expect that smartwatch accessories are going to be a fairly profitable niche for you. It’s a good reason to search them at your dropship suppliers!

Part III. Best creative niche ideas

6. Antistress toys

Do you know why fidget spinners suddenly became so popular in the spring/summer of 2017?

No one knows for sure, actually.

Still, we can assume that people are really tired of the exhausting stress they experience nearly every day. This is why they gladly adopt the newest ways of relaxation. Various types of antistress toys solve this problem easily and at a really low price.

Vogue included spinners in its newest rating of the best low-budget Christmas gifts, but of course, it wouldn’t be wise to only limit yourself with this particular type of fidget toys. Look how many exciting variations you can find on AliExpress!

Antistress tools and practices are certainly going to be one of the key pillars of the following year’s lifestyle trends. Even the choice of Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, was partially based on its connection to mindfulness practices that are a solution for “those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world”.

7. Art materials

As we already mentioned it before, basically every product category that is connected to a certain hobby is a great choice when you look for dropshipping niche ideas.

People are ready to invest in something that provides them with a wonderful pastime. At the same time, they are commonly trying to make their hobbies a little less expensive. That’s why they commonly go on AliExpress to look for nice arts and crafts’ supplies and accessories!

Every type of arts and crafts requires some expendable materials that are actively used all the time. It’s not always possible for artists and crafters to spend a fortune on buying the same (quite expensive) items over and over again.

This is why they turn to online stores where they can find top quality products for a fraction of the cost.

The global handicrafts market is estimated to show an average growth 12% over the 2015-2019 period, and the whole industry of crafts, toys, hobbies and games is expected to reach $23,052 million by 2024.

In other words, the interest towards this industry will keep standing for years to come; why not benefit from this steady demand?

Part IV. Fashion ideas for dropshipping

8. 100% cotton clothes

Everyone loves a soft touch of natural and eco-friendly clothes!

Cotton clothes are expected to be an important element both of men’s and women’s fashion in the coming year.

The trend will not disappear soon, and these products will continue to be popular in the nearest future: the increased use of cotton made it to the top 5 in the rating of textiles trends of spring/summer 2019.

9. Sportswear

Low-cost fitness is totally going to be a big thing for 2018.

The rise of communication technologies makes it possible for people to take part in intense and efficient workout sessions without leaving their own homes!

You can greatly benefit from these digital fitness innovations by offering people low-cost sportswear that everyone can easily afford.

This way, you’ll be targeting both the regular gym-goers who don’t want to spend extra on their fitness clothes and the people who work out in the comfort of their own homes. Both of these segments can be quite promising for your dropshipping business.

Don’t you think that affordable sportswear deserves your careful attention?

10. Makeup rhinestones

Clearly, the idea of using rhinestones for a bright and memorable makeup is not that new; still, it got even more popular in 2017 after the wonderful Jenna Marbles made her “Full Face of Rhinestones” video that quickly went viral.

Obviously, multiple makeup artists who were making rhinestones the central piece of fashion shows also made a huge impact. For one reason or another, rhinestones are not something you can only see on runways; it’s the makeup element that is gaining a growing popularity in urban fashion.

If you still are not sure if you want to include rhinestones in your list of interesting dropshipping niche ideas. Consider this, rhinestones have a tiny weight. That makes them the perfect type of product for dropshipping companies that are going to be delivered all over the globe!

11. Reusable shopping bags

Strictly speaking, a reusable shopping bag is not just a fashion accessory. It is a lifestyle item that supports the idea of sustainability and conscious consumption.

People are more and more keen to wave goodbye both to plastic bags (they pose a significant threat to environment as they decompose in a really long and toxic way) and paper bags (even if they are made of eco-friendly materials, their production requires lots of resources – plus, they can only be used once).

Luckily, our favourite inventory source offers a wide variety of reusable shopping bags of all shapes and sizes.

12. Empowering clothes and accessories

The quicker our society progresses, the clearer it becomes that gender and racial equality are the issues of global importance. It’s hard to believe that today, in the 21st century, horrifying acts of human rights violation still take place across the globe, but this is the grim reality.

It’s comforting to know, however, that more and more people get knowledgeable and passionate about this situation. Do their best to draw enough media attention to this topic, as well as to educate, encourage and enlighten their peers.

As the result, the equality issues get mentioned and discussed in every sphere of our daily life. Of course, fashion is not an exception.

It’s not only about the elite  ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ t-shirt featured in one of the latest collections by Dior, or the ‘Time’s Up’ pin universally worn on the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony. Mass-market brands produce t-shirts, hoodies, pins, patches, necklaces, and other pieces of jewellery and clothing that support the idea of equality and remind us of its importance.

Here is only a tiny selection of this niche-related item that can be found on AliExpress and dropshipped directly to your customer. The number of best dropshipping products dedicated to this sensitive topic of huge public concern is expected to grow rapidly in the foreseeable future.

We hope you’ll get inspired with our list of best dropshipping niche ideas for 2018, and we will be really happy if this selection motivates you to start your own business!

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