14 Things On Artificial Intelligence Web Design

Artificial Intelligence Web Design

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the face of web design. In fact, AI has been a driving force for websites since they were first conceptualized in the 1990s. It wasn’t until recently that technology was advanced enough to make AI a practical reality.

Now you can create an entire website using automation and machine learning techniques. The days of having to write every line of code yourself are over. AI can analyze data and generate insights that will create a better experience for users.

Let’s take a look at a few things that artificial intelligence is able to do for web design and development.

1. Make web design easier

The first consideration is that AI makes web design easy for everyone. An AI-powered website builder can suggest and automate a lot of the design processes. This makes it simple to design great-looking websites.

It also means people don’t need to learn coding to create a website. They also don’t have to work on optimizing performance. It all comes from artificial intelligence.

Powerful AI subroutines developed over the years can make your web design workflow easy. These are some areas where it has been able to bring impactful changes –

  • AI-powered website builders make it easy to create.
  • Website is automatically optimized – no tweaking required.
  • Drag-drop functionality to create websites.
  • Code blocks are modular and don’t need to be written or checked.

2. Dynamic customization options

Customized website design is the new trend, and AI is fueling this trend. AI is helping designers and developers to create a dynamic and personalized user experience.

Personalization of the online experience has been a highly sought-after goal for many years. It’s only recently that technology has advanced enough to offer dynamic customization options which are affordable for most companies.

For E.g., Take a look at this personalization option given by Landrover. They allow users to personalize the cars by building their own.


There are advantages to AI-powered web design customization options for both the developers and users:

  • Can add an unlimited number of unique preferences and attributes.
  • Easy to customize a website based on user preferences.
  • No need for the web developer to intervene; it happens automatically.
  • It can be built to adapt to other similar websites as well.

3. Powerful consumer behavior analysis

Analyzing customer behavior has always been difficult in the past. There are just too many variables to process for older systems. But with the advent of AI, that is not a problem anymore.

AI can dynamically deliver content to consumers and brands based on their real-time behavior. This could be tied to the web design interface to generate quickly and accurately what the user wants.

Analyzing customer behavior through AI-powered tools can have a lot of benefits for the brand –

  • Customized websites generate more leads than other websites.
  • It has a powerful effect on the user experience aspect.
  • High-end brands offer customers a personalized experience.
  • Can classify different types of buyer persona based on behavior.
  • A useful tool for upselling and retargeting.

For E.g., Take a look at this upselling from Amazon.


4. Improve UI and UX applications

AI-powered web design is the next big thing in the industry. It has already helped many brands to improve their user experience. And at the same time, making their websites great to look at.

With the help of AI, you’ll be able to create a website that looks and works great. It improves your UI and UX scores significantly. These, in turn, affect your SEO metrics, giving you a better ranking as well.

More businesses are now dependent on AI to optimize their UI/UX. And there are many reasons for it, here are a few –

  • Higher performance than even experienced web designers.
  • Much more detailed insights and solutions.
  • Can handle a lot of data simultaneously.
  • Testing can be quick and effective.

5. Process large analytics packages

Website analytics has always been a pretty difficult phase of web development. Especially now, many metrics need to be evaluated for effective website design.

One of the biggest advantages of AI is its inherent ability to process large amounts of data. And not just the processing part, AI systems are much more accurate than humans.

Analytics is a crucial part of the website design pipeline. But unfortunately, web designers are limited by their capacities in this area.

Here are the advantages AIs offer for analytics –

  • Can handle a huge amount of analytical data.
  • Quicker and accurate results for analytics.
  • Much more accessible even for smaller businesses.
  • AI can use deep learning to come up with patterns.

6. Automate tedious tasks

Like most other tasks, web design also has its share of tiresome and repetitive tasks. Task automation is something that comes naturally to AI. This is the first area where it was introduced.

The problem with AI earlier was that it could not automate effectively. This was because it had limited capabilities back then. Today, AI is much more powerful and useful as an automation tool.

For a web designer, automation opens up a lot of possibilities. Let’s look at a few of them –

  • Considerably speeds up the web design pipeline.
  • Focus on more critical aspects of the process.
  • Designers don’t need to learn coding to automate.
  • Fewer chances of errors or delays.
  • It can be adapted to other design pipelines.

For E.g., Take a look at this AI chatbot design tool Flow.


7. Improve design methodology

Web design is an area that is always dynamic and volatile. It can be overwhelming for web designers to keep up with these changes. And even more so to create an effective process pipeline.

Using AI, web designers can come up with more efficient methods to streamline their processes. AI-powered web design uses a much more pragmatic approach to the designing problem.

With powerful AI computing, web designers are finding more advantages to their process structure. Here are a few of them –

  • More efficient design frameworks.
  • Discover better methods of optimizing your design process.
  • Shorten lead times between phases of your pipeline.
  • It brings down the price of design, giving you better ROI.

8. Make design scalable

Scalability is an important part of every process. This has been a problem with web design for a long time now. One reason is that scaling web design is not easy because of the difference in skill levels.

An experienced designer can deliver much better results than a newbie. With AI-powered tools, you can bridge the gap. It can help beginners get the same results as experts.

Companies are turning to AI techniques to help them scale their web design pipelines better. A few reasons why it makes sense for businesses –

  • Scalability becomes a lot cheaper.
  • You can achieve results quickly without lead times.
  • No need to hire experts, saving recruitment costs.
  • Can build in automation as well in the future.

9. Get real-time statistics

As competition increases, the need for quicker metrics becomes critical. This has been a problem because real-time data points are difficult to acquire. It can lead to significant effort being spent on the process. Hiring people just for monitoring can be a waste of resources.

AI systems can deliver a much better and cheaper alternative for you. It has inherent advantages over people in this regard.

A lot of companies spend time and money on A/B testing to get the best results. This is not ideal when looking to maximize profit. Here’s how AI can help with this –

  • Can deliver true real-time statistics.
  • Minimal outages due to the nature of AI.
  • Accurate and easy to tweak for other applications.
  • Save considerable resources and time.

You can use online tools like Google Optimize for A/B Testing in real-time.


10. Optimize coding and modularity

As long as web design has existed, coding has been an integral part of the process. This has made it a problem for people looking to break into this industry. The bar of entry is much higher due to complex code.

Advances in AI have made coding a redundant feature in today’s web development process. Huge chunks of code that were difficult to navigate before are now simple and modular blocks.

AI has boosted the web design space through effective code repositories and usage. Here are a few more advantages of AI for coding and modularity –

  • AI-powered coding saves a lot of time for even experienced developers.
  • Able to optimize and layout code much better.
  • Finding faster ways to optimize confusing code.
  • It makes coding more modular and reusable.

11. Power realistic chatbots

Out of all the innovations AI has brought us, chatbots are the most powerful. A chatbot is basically an autoresponder that is on most websites today. It engages with website visitors and answers queries about the service or product.

This is one of AIs best applications and has been effective across the board where it has been implemented. Most businesses use this instead of hiring a person because it is much more cost-effective.

Take a look at our conversation with a chatbot.


As AI becomes more powerful and chatbots get more intelligent, we need to look at tangible benefits. We’ve come up with a few that you should check out –

  • It saves the cost of hiring people to monitor websites.
  • Available 24/7 without any interruptions.
  • Gathers and stores a large amount of data.
  • Able to classify users according to various criteria.

12. Gather several data points

Data collection and storage have been some of the most difficult tasks over the years. A vital reason why is that the number of people using the internet has grown exponentially. This means that data points to collect have increased proportionally as well.

It creates problems for smaller companies as they cannot afford to hire analysts because of smaller budgets. It paves the way for AI to be a solution to this problem.

The amount of data associated with the business has been increasing every day. Here’s how AI can help you improve your bottom line –

  • Can handle a large volume of data.
  • Delivers accurate results and handles different variables.
  • Much cheaper to implement and maintain.

13. Predict design trends

Design trends are always changing over time. It can be tough for businesses to keep track of them. And this is a problem because customers are more attracted to the latest trends rather than the older ones.

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in web design. Web Designers can use it to predict which design trends will become popular in the future and adjust their designs accordingly.

Design trends are never easy to predict because of the number of variables involved. But using AI can considerably improve your success with design trends –

  • Much more accurate design trends through analysis.
  • Machine learning allows recording years of past data.
  • Can get it done quicker than human operators.

14. Improve content marketing

Content marketing has become vital to helping your website rank better. All search engine updates point to content as the component that can benefit businesses. The layout of the content is important for business.

Web design has benefited from AI when it comes to content structuring and layouts. This is especially true when it comes to competitive niches. Here are a few benefits that AI has over other methods –

  • Ability to generate effective content layouts based on user interaction.
  • It provides actionable insights into the content framework for web design.
  • Find relevant and effective content to add to the website.

Key takeaways

  • Every company today uses some form of AI in its business.
  • It does not just improve web design but every metric in your company.
  • It might be expensive initially, but it pays for itself in quick time.
  • AI can replace a lot of tasks in the design pipeline and more as time goes on.
  • Automation with AI routines reduces the costs of web design considerably.
  • AI can replace teams of people when done right, saving recruitment expenses.
  • As data sets increase, AI becomes a necessity rather than an option.
  • AI is always evolving, and it is important to get the right one for your business.

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