Best Facebook Video Ad Format

Best Facebook Video Ad Format

Expansion in Facebook Video, messaging, and Stories are key for the future of Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated during Facebook’s third-quarter profits call on October 30 ( here’s the records ).

And all the current updates to the platform indicate Facebook Video as TNBT, a top priority for Facebook at the moment.

In the summer it was Instagram’s turn with IGTV, then- simply a month ago- Facebook Watch was presented worldwide, and today they revealed that Facebook is broadening Watch Party to pages and people.

Numerous case stories prove it with numbers: Video is among the most monetizable types of content on Facebook, and utilizing Advertisement Breaks or Branded Content video views can really bolster your bottom line.

With video being a key component for any successful Facebook marketer we wished to address the concern:

Which is the best type of video format to utilize in your Facebook ads?

Think what we did? We invested some money (our own Facebook ads budget, so you do not have to use yours )and run an experiment!

The Very Best Facebook Video Ad Format— Experiment Setup

This test aimed to evaluate 3 various videos: 3– Face-to-camera with captions: The 3 different videos were developed for us by Edoardo and the team at Combocut, a cool video development agency. We film a face to camera video then tested with and without captions.

The objective of the ads was to promote a custom-made audience ebook and get leads. The cost per lead would be our procedure of success. The ad text and contact us to action button were chosen from our previous experiments (where we checked what’s the finest CTA for your Facebook Advertisements) and were kept the exact same in all ads:

The Very Best Facebook Video Ad Format– Experiment Hypothesis

Around 85%of Facebook video views are had fun with the noise off so it’s essential that the video can narrate with no sound being required.

Therefore: we anticipated that the captioned variation of the Face-to-Camera video would carry out better than the one without captions.

Viewpoints were mixed amongst the group with concerns to whether the animation or face to video camera video would get the most leads.

This was down to two completing factors:

The Best Facebook Video Ad Format– Experiments Outcomes

We didn’t have a firm prediction, so no one could boast about predicting that:

The animated video was the clear winner!

Not just for the Expense per lead, but also for all secondary metrics including expense per click, click through rate and conversion rate.

The next best was the version of the face-to-camera video without captions.

The captioned video was the most expensive for leads.

The Very Best Facebook Video Ad Format– Conclusions

The animated video was 51 %of the cost per lead compared to the face to camera variation with captions, that’s a considerable saving on ad spending plan.

As mentioned in the hypothesis section this may be due to numerous Facebook users getting fed up with seeing too lots of face-to-camera marketing videos.

The outcomes may be different for a basic consumer audience as face-to-camera isn’t utilized a lot in B2C marketing.

Likewise, the videos were in landscape format so they would not have taken up a lot vertical space on mobile, reducing their effect.

As always with our Experiments, the take-home message is:

“Check everything and never presume you know much better than your audience”.

From our latest test we can conclude:

Even a basic three video experiment could nearly cut in half your CPA.

Previous experiments on the advertisement text and contact us to action button have seen similar large reductions in cost per lead so several rounds of testing could radically increase the effectiveness of your ads.

Typically, even experienced marketers can’t forecast the winner.

As we saw in this case where we thought captions would enhance efficiency when it really increased costs.

Last But Not Least

Custom made animated videos can be a vital part of your marketing mix and ought to certainly be utilized.

They can be expensive and take a while to produce If you’re just beginning out you may want to begin with face-to-camera videos.

These can be recorded with a lot of contemporary smart devices and with some basic modifying you could be tape-recording your videos and releasing your projects on the same day.

Simply put the finest online marketers are the ones that get begun.

Introduce with what videos possessions you can produce quickly and cheaply then you can evaluate, evaluate and improve the assets for each round of campaigns.

When you have some essential learnings from your own experiments and have developed some momentum with your marketing, then it’s an excellent time to purchase more sleek animated videos, using an expert video development agency.


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