7 Best SEO Software

Best SEO Software

The marketing and content industry has undergone many changes in the past few years, and usage of SEO software is one of them.

SEO was previously a manual task that required deep knowledge and understanding of the domain. But with the help of new-age custom software development services and applications made by them, it has become quite simple.

With a few clicks and an understanding of the domain, you can create exquisite strategies to rank your web pages higher using SEO software.


Search engines use complex algorithms to rank websites on their results page, and everyone wants to stay at the top. Companies need to be advanced in order to rank at top positions. In this post, you’ll learn what SEO software is, why it is so helpful, and you’ll also discover the best SEO software for 2022.

Some quick facts about SEO to get started

  • The SEO industry is more than $80 billion yearly.
  • Better SEO strategies can increase conversion rates by 14.6%, and place you among the elite websites.
  • Images with alt text and object detection drive your website higher on the search engine results page.
  • Relevant meta descriptions make websites groupable, and crawlers rank such websites higher.

Let’s set the stage by learning about SEO software.

What is SEO software?

SEO software is a suite of tools that help content managers and marketers gain insights from their campaigns and use the right strategies to increase reach. SEO software is highly regarded to find relevant keywords and strategies that can boost your website’s ranking on a search engine results page.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to drive more traffic to your websites, and you can achieve this with the help of special software. SEO software doesn’t come with a single-use. There are different modules and features inside SEO software that help to create and manage SEO strategies to rank higher.

It is a one-stop-shop for all content marketers and managers that work in the SEO department.

Let’s look at why SEO software is important for every website.

Why is SEO software important?

Rank Higher


If you want to flaunt your business on a search engine results page, it is vital that you dive into SEO. SEO helps crawlers classify and group your website according to the genre and makes it accessible.

When your website’s content is easily identifiable, crawlers rank your website higher, so you get more visibility.

Target Specific Audience


If your goal is to target a specific audience, then SEO is a must. You can research keywords that are used profoundly by your target audience and place them on your website.

When you have an excellent identifiable website, search engines will rank your website whenever there is a search for your keywords. This way, you can target a specific audience using keyword research and SEO.

Lower Ad Costs

If you want to lower your marketing costs and redirect those funds to other activities, it is vital that you indulge in SEO. Using SEO, you can rank your website higher organically, and you won’t need to pay for ads to drive traffic. It will almost become an automated solution, and you won’t have to spend a buck behind driving traffic to your website.

Today, 53% of the trackable web traffic comes from organic sources using SEO.

The Best SEO Software for 2022

Now that you know why SEO is essential, you should have a look at the best SEO software for 2022. This software will help you realize the many benefits of SEO.

#1. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most loved and easy-to-use SEO software. It was developed back in 2018 when SEO software was just gaining market attraction, and hence, it has been a leading software in the marketing industry.

It has different tools that help you research keywords, generate website reports, bounce rates, and other things. With SEMrush, you can analyze your website’s performance, the pages that get viewed most, and even the backlinks.

All the information is presented in a way that is easy to understand on a simple dashboard. This dashboard is enough for all content marketers and even managers to gain insights into the website’s performance.

#2. Ahrefs


A big part of SEO is about defining backlinks for website content or blog. This is where the Ahrefs tool comes in handy. It is an SEO tool that has one of the largest databases of backlinks.

It has site crawlers that are as high quality as Google, so you can imagine the results from this tool will definitely help you rule the top spot. Backlinks are essential because crawlers group websites with valuable and relevant external links that are secure and trustworthy. This helps in ramping up your position on the results page.

Ahrefs also comes with a website evaluator/checker feature that helps you find mistakes and other things on your website. It helps you identify broken links that can impact your rankings and keyword placements that can improve ranking.

#3. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a unique software offered by Google itself. This software is a must if you want to analyze your website and marketing campaign’s performance. As it is from the tech giant who rules the search engine space, it comes with a free and a premium version too.

Like the other software on this list, Google Analytics offers features to check website performance, backlinks, pages that generate the most traffic. One of the best features of Google Analytics is that it removes spam traffic before generating a report so that you get the correct report for your website.

During report generation, it piles up the organic traffic and non-organic traffic your website has received during the period. This will help you identify key target areas where you need to work and solidify your SEO strategies.

#4. Screaming Frog


Another upcoming SEO tool in this list, Screaming Frog, is a comprehensive SEO tool with various applications. It is easier to conduct website checks and find faults that can impact your rankings using Screaming Frog.

With the Screaming Frog SEO application, you can generate XML sitemaps that are useful for defining a website flow. You can find duplicate content on your website that impacts your website’s rankings on the results page and generate relevant crawler-friendly meta descriptions for every page on the website.

Plus, the reports generated by the Screaming Frog tool can be exported and downloaded as excel files, which makes it easy for everyone to go through the metrics and performance statistics.

#5. MOZ Pro


One of the oldest and most trusted SEO tools, MOZ Pro, was founded in 2004, and since then, it has been helping content marketers and SEO experts. It basically provides keyword research features that help marketers find the trending keywords for their content and add them so that they can rank better on search results pages.

MOZ Pro also features a backlink checking tool that helps you analyze your website’s backlinks and external links. The software has different subscription models, and the basic model is free with limited features.

#6. Yoast SEO


If you are looking for a free WordPress plugin, there is no better option than Yoast SEO. It’s a plugin that keeps checking whether every page on the website is optimized or not. It is an easier way to produce and publish SEO-friendly web pages.

Yoast is a smart plugin, and using it you can add your primary keyword and find out ways your content and website can rank higher.

#7. Google Search Console


Google Search Console is a revamped version of Google Webmaster tools. It helps marketers by providing crucial information like keyword ranking, click rate, bounce rates, number of clicks based on a keyword, and more.

If you are looking for a simpler analysis of your website, the Google Search Console’s results will prove sufficient. It derives many analytics and features from the Google Analytics platform but provides it in a much more understandable format.

Wrapping up

Whether you want to build internal or external links, or you want to check your website’s SEO performance, the software listed here will definitely help you. You’ll see an increase in your website’s traffic and reach once you start using this software along with your SEO strategies.


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