What Happens When You Buy YouTube Views

Buy YouTube Views

Since 2005, YouTube has been the trusted platform on a global scale for sharing video content with other users. Starting out as a simple way to share your favorite videos with friends and family, it has since turned into a money-making machine allowing people to earn a living through successful YouTube channels.

Not only that, it’s provided businesses and brands the opportunity to create compelling content and reach more people in their target audience, enhancing marketing opportunities and increasing profit and conversion.

There is huge potential to make a lot of money on YouTube, with some of the top YouTubers making over 20 million dollars in 2020 alone. It’s no wonder people are trying to find their way to stardom!

With so much competition, however, it can be tough to get the necessary amount of views to perform well on YouTube. If you don’t have a large number of views as well as subscribers, your earning potential will be severely limited or even non-existent.

So, how can you get more YouTube views and subscribers in order to monetize your channel? Even if you’re not looking to make money as a full-time YouTuber, for marketing and business purposes, having more views and subscribers is a big benefit if you want to see results.

Gaining more YouTube views is a slow and tedious process, so a lot of people have turned to buying YouTube views to gain more and boost their YouTube popularity. While this can be a great option, it does come with some problems.

You have to make sure that you buy YouTube views from sites that care about their customers and deliver views that will actually help your account, not hurt it; if you don’t, you’re putting your channel at risk and also throwing away your money.

In this article, our goal is to help you understand:

  • Why you need more YouTube views
  • What happens when you buy YouTube views
  • 5 top YouTube sites for buying real YouTube Views
  • 5 pro tips to get more real YouTube followers
  • How fake YouTube views harm your channel
  • Things to consider when buying YouTube views

After reading our comprehensive guide, you’ll have no doubts about buying more real YouTube views. Let’s go!

Why you need more YouTube views

Before we jump into the sites and tips, let’s think about the key reasons why having more YouTube views is necessary for your YouTube success.

YouTube has very powerful and well-designed algorithms, so with so many videos out there, you’ve got to make sure that yours performs well. Just to give you an idea, there are roughly 500 hours of YouTube video content uploaded by the minute.

So, you need all the help you can get in making sure your video gets seen! When the YouTube algorithm recommends videos, people watch them, and that makes up 70% of all viewed videos on YouTube. Thus, the YouTube algorithm has tremendous power over who watches which videos.

How can you, then, get to the recommended videos through the YouTube algorithm? You’ve got to be relevant and have a lot of views to show that a video brings value and is useful to the community looking to view on that topic.

When you buy YouTube views, depending on the quality of the views, it may or may not help your performance against the algorithm.

People typically think that buying YouTube views will solve all of their problems, but if that were the case, views would have no value at all – everyone would just buy them, and their videos would become popular.

A big problem is that most providers of YouTube views don’t care about the quality or the success of their clients – they simply want to make money and send you whatever they can in order to complete your order.

Since YouTube has been around for so long, they have plenty of ways to detect falsified views and they can even remove fake views that are clearly purchased.

Let’s see what happens when you buy YouTube views.

What happens when you buy YouTube views?

When you buy YouTube views, there are a few things to consider. It’s undoubtedly a pleasing option to think about buying views and seeing your YouTube popularity explode, but there are some caveats.

You have to be very selective when choosing the YouTube views you want to buy, and this is mainly because many YouTube views are fakes. Companies just want to sell something that will generate revenue, and fake YouTube views do nothing useful for your account.

When buying YouTube views, you’ll commonly see companies describe their views as high quality, yet they give no indication of what that actually means or how they provide these views. That’s a red flag, and it almost always means they are fake accounts that may or may not look like real viewers.

YouTube knows that companies sell fake views, and they do consistent cleanings of the platform to clear out fake views, which means you’ll commonly see your views drop off over time, lowering the number and essentially wasting your investment.

It’s easy enough for YouTube to detect fake views or fake profiles after 15 years of operation, so you’ll need to make sure that the views you buy are real and won’t be removed from your account by YouTube.

YouTube ensures that their platform stays as reputable as possible by identifying and removing fake views so that the integrity of YouTube remains intact.

The best sites to buy real YouTube views

So, it’s an accepted fact that many companies sell fake YouTube views, but there are some companies out there that do care about their clients and offer them something of value that will help you increase your YouTube popularity.

Don’t mess around with companies who sell fake or bot YouTube views, stick with ones that provide your account with something useful that will remain over time.

You’re more likely to see perpetual increases in views when you buy ones from a reputable company. The five companies below are the best options for buying YouTube views, and we’ll give you an overview of each one in this section.



UseViral is one of the top choices for YouTube views because they provide some of the best quality on the market and their services are incredibly straightforward and transparent.

You can trust UseViral without a doubt and they offer you views that will actually help your YouTube performance. UseViral has been perfecting its services for years and can provide you with real YouTube views, subscribers, as well as likes/shares.

UseViral has a network of thousands of users that help to increase your popularity on YouTube with real views. Their delivery timeframes keep you safe on the platform and you won’t have to worry about anything funky – the delivery timeframes keep your views coming in over a natural period of time.

In addition, you’ll get 24/7 support, a secured site with secure payment gateways, and a no-frill service that provides you with the views you need to boost your social cred and popularity on YouTube.

You can rest assured that you’ll love the results you get from UseViral.


SidesMedia is another top-quality company that can help you with your YouTube growth. When you are looking to buy real YouTube views, SidesMedia delivers every single time.

Your account will remain totally secure and you have a variety of payment options you can use to buy through SidesMedia. There are various packages you can choose from for not only YouTube views, but also subscribers, likes, and shares as well.

If you want to grow your cross-platform presence, like UseViral, you’ll be able to grow up to eight social media networks including Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, and more. You choose the packages that work for you and boom! You’re growing with real followers and engagements.

SidesMedia has over 5,000 network partners to help perpetuate real popularity for your accounts, so you’ll know that every time you buy from SidesMedia, you’ll be getting something of value.

SidesMedia offers their clients 24/7 customer support, quick and secure delivery timeframes, as well as a FAQ that can answer any other questions you may have.

Don’t think twice about SidesMedia as a reliable and valuable provider of YouTube views and more.


One of the oldest in the game, MediaMister has years and years of experience providing not only YouTube views but pretty much any social media engagement imaginable.

You can find many different types of YouTube views available on MediaMister, so if you need views from a specific company, check the list and see if they can help with your preferred company.

MediaMister will always keep your account safe and offers some of the most versatile delivery timeframes in the market depending on how many YouTube views you buy; they do the same for any other package you purchase too.

You’ll have access to top-notch support and so many options for social media growth you won’t know what to choose when you buy from MediaMister.


A great option when you want to hand-pick how many YouTube views to buy, FollowersUp offers a user-friendly website that allows you to get exactly what you need.

When you buy YouTube views through FollowersUp, you can use a numerical slider that will let you select the number of views you want and then populate the price. Their checkout process is very easy and secure.

In addition, they offer a lifetime warranty on all of your purchases, so if anything happens to your views, you’ll be covered.


Viralyft is one of the more expensive options out there, but they do offer pretty good quality. In terms of safety and reliability, you can definitely count on them to deliver YouTube views that are worthwhile.

While the other options on our list might be better choices in terms of cost and value, Viralyft is also a good choice and won’t harm your account.

How fake YouTube views damage your channel

Now that we’ve been introduced to some quality companies that can provide you with useful YouTube views and subscribers, let’s talk about the reasons why fake YouTube views damage your channel.

As we know, YouTube will clean out your fake views, but the negative aspects don’t end there. It can actually create problems for your YouTube channel in a variety of ways:

  • YouTube will limit your reach: If YouTube identifies you as a purchaser of fake views, they may remove your video from recommendations, which makes it harder for you to gain more natural reach and may see little to no additional views on your videos. This can be a devastating consequence, as it limits all of your future success.
  • YouTube can ban you: If you are a repeated offender of buying fake views or using bots, YouTube can take action against you up to and including eliminating your YouTube channel. The sites listed above have never had users suffer this consequence, but if you buy low-quality views or engage in shady practices to fortify your views, you can be banned. Don’t risk that.
  • Your reputation on YouTube takes a hit: When you have a bunch of views on your videos but few subscribers, comments, or likes, your community will notice, and they will see you as less credible. Also, if one video has thousands and another has almost none, it also puts your credibility at risk. Make sure you stay consistent if you want your reputation to remain upheld.

As you can see, there are quite a few downsides to buying fake YouTube views or using bots to generate more views on your account. Don’t try to cut corners and engage in these activities as your only method of growth.

In order to have a successful YouTube account, buying real views can help you to establish yourself more on the platform and generate more interest in your content, but it should by no means be your only strategy for success on YouTube.

In addition to buying YouTube views and subscribers from the companies we listed above, you should consider using some of the following strategies to make sure that you have a long-term YouTube growth strategy that brings long-term growth.

5 Pro tips to get more real YouTube views

We’ve got 5 pro tips here to help you implement a viable YouTube strategy that can help you perform better in terms of the YouTube algorithm and get more natural reach for your videos, increasing your video views.

It’s important to consistently work on your content and how you distribute it on YouTube so that you can achieve optimal success. Too often people are lazy and want to experience overnight success without putting in any of the work.

Don’t be like those people – social media is competitive, and if you’re unwilling to create awesome content that is designed for success, you’re likely to be disappointed and eventually give up.

Give yourself the best odds of achieving greatness on YouTube by implementing the following five pro tips in addition to purchasing YouTube views from a reputable company.

Tip 1: Attractive thumbnail image

When a YouTube viewer sees your video for the first time, they’ll notice the thumbnail image before anything else. This is a big determiner of whether or not the viewer will opt to view your video.

Since this image represents your video and what content it holds, you want to make sure this image is optimal and attractive so that people will want to check it out.

Use an image that is high-res and is clear so that the viewer sees a high level of quality in your video and will be interested in seeing what it’s all about. It should also accurately and effectively reflect the content of the video.

It’s a best practice to use an image that reflects the most interesting element of your video so that people will be more inclined to check it out. You can use indicators such as signals, circles, text, arrows, and more to highlight certain aspects of your image when applicable.

You want to make sure that this image is top quality so that you’re likely to attract viewers at first glance. Even if your video is the best out there, no one will watch it if the thumbnail image isn’t good.

Don’t hinder your video through poor thumbnail image selection – always be strategic and purposeful when choosing your thumbnail images.

Tip 2: YouTube SEO descriptions

SEO is a common term that you’ll find when you consider Google searches and what appears when an internet user searches a certain term, and this same type of optimization should be included in your YouTube video descriptions.

This is a key element in making your video discoverable to a wide range of people on the platform. You can gain more traction on YouTube searches as well as have the chance to appear in Google search results for that topic, increasing the chances of getting YouTube video views.

When your video appears in Google searches, you exponentially increase the number of views your video will get, as it’s not just limited to YouTube, but becomes discoverable by the whole of the internet. This is powerful, and requires no additional action from you.

In addition to more potential views, your content will become credible because you’ll have appeared on Google and people value that. They consider what appears on Google to be real and valid information, and if you appear, they’ll consider you to be a trustworthy source of information, leading to more subscribers and views.

To optimize your descriptions, always use specific keywords that will maximize your search traffic and repeat these keywords (no more than three times) so that YouTube can recognize where your video best fits.

Look for related keywords that complement your main keywords, and also provide an accurate description of your video so that you don’t mislead viewers. The most important information should appear at the beginning of the description so that viewers can see it before any less relevant info.

You can also add links later in the description for funneling traffic to other sites where applicable.

Tip 3: Create playlists

Creating a playlist, or a collection of videos can help you get more views and watch time on your YouTube channel. Watch time will also help you rank better and get more viewers over time.

When you have a playlist created, after the first video is completed, the next video will auto-play. For this reason, you’ll increase your video views as well as watch time, both of which will help you to improve your search rankings.

You can follow similar strategies for your playlist in terms of descriptions and keywords. Make sure you use keywords in your playlist title and create a well-developed description in your playlist.

The most interesting or relevant videos should be ordered to the front of your playlist so that viewers will see the quality that you create in your videos and will be motivated to view more or even to subscribe to your channel.

You’re able to track the performance of your playlist in terms of views, minutes watched, and average view duration, so you can update your playlist if it’s not performing well so that you can maximize your future results.

Tip 4: Promote more videos with end screens

When your YouTube video ends, the next video will usually start automatically. This may or may not be another video by you. Either way, at the end of your video, you can use an end screen that allows you to promote your own videos so that people are more likely to view them next.

Instead of just ending your YouTube video with your content, you can use a created template to embed your other related or interesting videos to the end of your content. That way, people will be enticed to continue viewing your videos, allowing you to up your watch time and also get more video views.

You can also ask them to subscribe to your channel and include a link throughout your video so that you can increase your YouTube subscribers as well.

Having a well-established end screen that promotes your other videos and offers users the opportunity to subscribe also helps you look more professional and organized, increasing your credibility and reputation.

You could also promote an external site or a playlist if you have distinct goals such as funneling viewers to an outside website or if you want them to be directed to a specific playlist.

Try not to stuff too many things in the end screen; choose your elements strategically based on the most urgent or desirable, and don’t include more than three elements. Two elements such as a video, playlist, external website or channel and a subscribe button should do the trick.

People won’t choose anything if you give them too many options, so keep it simple and direct for best results.

Tip 5: Cross-promote your YouTube videos

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Using your other channels can help you do two things: drive more people to your YouTube channel and/or videos, as well as establish you as a reputable source of information and content.

When you have a base on another platform, leverage that and get them over to your YouTube. That way you can take advantage of your followers on that base and expand your overall presence on social media.

Some ways that you can feature your YouTube content on other networks include:

  • Behind the scenes: People love to see how you create your content, so giving a meaningful peek behind the scenes may be an interesting way to get them over to view the full video.
  • Post pieces: When you post awesome snippets of your videos, people’s interest is piqued and they may want to head on over to your channel and view the full video
  • Post links: You can share your video directly on other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Link in bio: On Instagram, make sure you provide the link to your video or your channel so that people know where to find you. You can also add your YouTube username.

You should also include your YouTube deets on your business cards, on any business-related communications, as well as in emails and other virtual promotions.

Considerations for buying YouTube views

So, we’ve got 5 top sites from which you can buy real YouTube views, and 5 pro tips that will help you get more views and watch time in the long term. Before we let you go, we want to give you three key factors you should always review before choosing a website to buy YouTube views.

If you have another site in mind but aren’t sure if they’re legit, there are a few things you can check out on their site to make sure that they can provide you with something of value.

Here are the tips so that you know how to determine the legitimacy of a website that sells YouTube views and other engagements.


The more information you have access to about a site and their services, the better. If a website offers very limited information about their methods and their functions, they are likely trying to hide something or minimize the information they provide.

In addition, if you find a lot of descriptions with empty buzzwords that try to sound attractive but really don’t give you any meaningful information, avoid. They are simply trying to appear legit when really they don’t offer much.

You should always check to see if the website offers a FAQ section for their service. The reputable sites will always offer this, and you should carefully review their FAQ because you can find vital information about how the company works and any relevant policies or stipulations of the service.

If the company doesn’t have an FAQ or doesn’t make their services clear and understandable, avoid them. They won’t do you any good.

Clear Pricing

The price of a company’s packages or services shouldn’t be a mystery and you shouldn’t have to work overtime to find them. If you aren’t able to view the pricing information clearly on the site, it’s not a good option.

Sometimes services will try to hide the pricing so that you send them your information and they can pester you for the rest of your life. Don’t fall into that trap.

Any reputable site that sells YouTube views will clearly list their pricing plans and how frequently you’ll be charged. Furthermore, you won’t have to give any information to view them.

You should also keep your eye on how much the service costs; while the saying goes “you get what you pay for,” it’s both true and false in this case. When you see something at a conspicuously low price, it’s probably not worth your time.

Most of the time really cheap packages are fake YouTube views. But, even if a service costs more, that doesn’t automatically mean they provide something of value. Always be investigative. If the pricing seems reasonable, check out the other information anyway to determine if the site makes sense and can provide you something real.

Keeps Your Channel and Information Safe

The final thing for you to consider when you are buying YouTube views, followers, and any other social media services for that matter, is the safety and precautions that the site takes.

Social media networks have regulations and policies about how third-party companies interact with their platforms, and if you buy thousands of YouTube views and they all appear at once, there’s obviously something sketchy about that and you’re likely to flag YouTube.

You need services that keep you safe in regards to the terms of use of the platform so that you don’t violate the policies and get banned.

In addition to this, you need to make sure the site offers proper SSL encryption and has a secure website and payment gateways so that your personal and financial information is kept safe.

If a service that provides you with YouTube views asks for your password, stay away. They are trying to exploit your information and in order to deliver YouTube views, a company will never need your password.

Final thoughts

Buying YouTube views is a great way to boost your popularity and performance on YouTube, and any of the five options on this list are totally safe and secure options that will help you become successful on the platform.

Don’t forget to combine your purchased YouTube views with our five pro tips above, and you’ll be on your way to making money via YouTube in no time!

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