7 Content Personalization Tools That’ll Boost Your Sales

Content Personalization Tools

Digital marketing relies heavily on content personalization to be effective.

While expanding the reach of your marketing strategy helps you gain new leads, the quality of your content is responsible for their conversion.

Personalized content helps potential customers identify the value of your business that is relevant to them. By customizing content dynamically, you can reduce the time it takes each person to find exactly what they’re looking for and make a purchase.

Content personalization is greatly enhanced by a vast variety of tools. Both businesses and web development agencies integrate these software solutions into their products to improve customer experience.

Without any expertise, it can be difficult to find the right content personalization tools for your business. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven reliable, effective, and popular services that present a good start for developing your content personalization techniques.

1. RightMessage


RightMessage is a platform that allows you to analyze your visitors’ online behavior prior to landing on your website. This tool considers which advertisement each user clicked, what site they were previously browsing, and what actions they have already taken on your site. RightMessage then adapts the content on each page accordingly.

The platform can display menus and pop-ups differently for each visitor, as well as present your customers with varying pages and suggestions depending on what each person is seeking. For instance, visitors who have already subscribed to your newsletter will never see the prompt again.

RightMessage is also incredibly easy to pick up. It offers a collection of pre-written personalizations and enables you to create new ones by simply choosing the required elements in the builder.

Overall, RightMessage automatically segments your audience, provides graphical representations of a person’s behavior on your site, and suggests the most fitting offer for each individual.

2. Bunting


Bunting targets primarily eCommerce companies with a broad selection of products in rapidly changing market segments. This platform provides personalized product recommendations powered by the service’s machine learning algorithms.

Bunting also features a builder to create specific personalizations for different categories of visitors. For instance, your website can display different messages and content to first-time and repeat visitors. Bunting can also be useful in email marketing and analytics to determine which of your marketing strategies work best.

3. Evergage


Evergage focuses on analyzing how visitors interact with your website or mobile application and providing insights into their buying decisions. The solution comes bundled together with a native platform to create and store profiles of the users. Evergage then uses machine learning to find patterns in these users’ behavior.

Evergage allows you to adjust product recommendations and improve personalization. The platform is incredibly useful to boost the customer experience on your site by offering targeted messages and recommendations at the relevant moment.

4. OmniConvert


OmniConvert is a more sophisticated toolkit that enables you to analyze your visitors’ behavior and tailor the content for them in virtually no time. This platform utilizes A/B testing, surveys, and audience segmentation to give the most comprehensive and accurate results. This service focuses on increasing conversion rates, and it is most suitable for eCommerce and retail brands.

In terms of content personalization, OmniConvert offers more than 40 optimization points, including each visitor’s location, their local weather, their status regarding your business, how many times they have visited a certain page, and the source of traffic, among many other aspects.

Overall, OmniConvert grants you the ability to create a unique version of your store for each visitor. This personal touch relies on segmentation analysis and requires little time while helping you earn loyalty points from existing customers and attracting new clients.

5. Attraqt


Attraqt analyzes what visitors of your website spend the most time looking at. The platform then begins customizing each user’s experience by offering them relevant visual content.

This type of behavioral targeting can be immensely beneficial your conversion efforts. Attraqt is also one of the best options for companies who plan to expand globally, as the platform offers search services in more than 40 languages.

6. Emarsys


Emarsys is a product recommendation platform that aims to increase customer engagement across multiple marketing channels. It delivers content personalization and a tool for analytics in one package, topping it off with the remarkable ease of use and an interface designed with non-technical salespeople in mind.

The platform can deliver personalized content across the web, and you can also integrate the tool into your email marketing campaigns.

7. Barilliance


Barilliance is an all-around tool that offers customer retention and cart abandonment functionality, as well as content personalization, live notifications, and analytics.

This platform focuses on improving customer experience through many channels. Since Barilliance also takes into account when some items were dropped after being added to the cart, it’s a powerful tool to supply users with relevant content.

Barilliance is also quick and easy to set up, and it offers real-time shopping notifications.

How to pick the content personalization tool that’s right for you

In most cases, you won’t know how well a specific tool works until you try it out. But spending some time researching the available software beforehand can help you reduce wasteful expenses and start reaping rewards from your campaigns faster.

Before you search for tools, identify what your primary needs are. Services like OmniConvert are built to help you increase conversions, while Evergage and Emarsys focus on improving customer engagement. Determining what kind of tool you require will help narrow the search.

After you have identified the desired features, look for platforms that offer them. Reach out to brands that are known to use the tool that you are considering and request a demo from the service provider if possible.

Also, keep an eye on the features that each platform offers. Often, the bundle will include functionality that you already have. In this case, opting for a cheaper and more specific option can be a good solution.


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