4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Communicate Your Story & Construct Your Brand

If you’re examining out this blog you are more than likely a small company owner, marketing manager, enthusiastic entrepreneur, or all 3 rolled into one.

Whichever classification(ies) you fall into, by now you’ve realized that developing effective content to promote your brand however not deplete your spending plan, is one of the greatest obstacles you deal with on your way to revenue-generating brand name acknowledgment.

Seth Godin, previous vice president of direct marketing for Yahoo!, explained the power of digital marketing best when he stated that, “Marketing is no longer about the things that you make, however about the stories that you tell.”

Here are 4 digital marketing strategies that will help communicate your story, construct your brand name, and remain on spending plan.

1. Save time with DIY design tools

Your time is valuable and probably stretched as thin as your resources. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a graphic designer or learn the complexities of Photoshop while you have more pressing things on your plate. Online graphic design is a quick and affordable tool to use in promoting your brand name.

Several innovative business have actually launched web-based, Do It Yourself design developing tools, which enable the user to create efficient, expert looking graphics, with minimal effort along with minimal cost. Sites like PosterMyWall, provide a one-stop, online service for graphic design. They have an exceptionally simple interface and you can tailor your styles in minutes only!

Browse and utilize any of the numerous customizable templates for website ads, social media posts, flyers, posters, banners and videos to help aesthetically change your marketing messages and catch your target market. Your unique, professional-looking marketing products can be quickly downloaded (or printed) along with the rights to commercially utilize them for marketing. The expense is very little and the impact invaluable.

2. Get social with your potential customers

Social network has actually catapulted digital marketing from a service necessity into a social truth. More than 70%of customers who’ve had a favorable experience with a brand name on social networks are most likely to advise that brand name to good friends and household. That indicates having a presence on social networks platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and so on, is vital to producing a brand identity and favorable brand association. With tools like PosterMyWall, you can easily re-size your styles to develop a collaborated marketing project to share across all social media channels.

It’s essential to trigger a discussion on social media and keep your fans engaged. Research reveals that posts with visual content perform far better than text-only posts. Similarly, videos get more engagement than posts with fixed images.

Utilize your social networks profile to create a connection with your fans. Focus on what’s trending on social networks and take advantage of trending subjects, hashtags and so on to develop appealing discussions. You can even prepare ahead of time and schedule your posts in bulk for numerous social media sites by utilizing tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

3. Utilize the power of video material

Who isn’t captivated by an engaging video?

Whether somebody is actively in consumer mode, or simply surfing the web, the power of video to affect customer habits is unrivaled.

Video posts get approximately 10 times the engagement of still images, and marketers who utilize video on average, grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. By 2019 web video traffic will account for nearly 80% of all consumer Web traffic. (Worldstream 2018.)

You’re not George Lucas here, nor do you have his capital reserves. Online video makers like Animoto, WeVideo, and PosterMyWall offer high-quality stock video and tools to customize text, images, and audio. You can even include your customized graphics to more change your marketing messages.

4. Don’t forget about the power of blogging

You’ve created your cool custom graphics and your captivating videos, and you’re active on social media.

What other tools are available for building your brand?

You heard it here (on a blog, no less.) Blogging is inherently interactive and that puts you in close contact with your target audience. Educating the market on your product or service, and receiving customer questions and feedback keeps your finger on the pulse of your target market’s desires.

Most blogging platforms, like WordPress, are extremely easy to use, and inexpensive to run. Especially when you’ve made use of digital marketing tools for customized graphics and video.

Using social media posts to direct people to your blog posts brings your digital marketing full circle.

Your brand is your story to tell. In the new age of digital marketing, there is a wide and exciting array of graphics, video and social media platforms, offering easy and affordable ways to successfully build your brand and grow your customer base.

Guest author: Holly McKelvey is obsessed with the written word.


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