How I Sold My Dropship Store On Flippa

How I Sold My Dropship Store On Flippa

Now I have 5 sites, some of them are more successful than others. I had several reasons to sell one:

1. Time. I am very sensitive to the quality of my stores, I do my best to make perfect product descriptions, and watch the progress carefully. And I do not have enough time to focus on all 5 sites at once.

2. The study of demand. I was very curious to learn if there will be an interest on Flippa towards this type of online business.

So what was the demand from the Flippa users?

There was a huge interest, I didn’t even expect it. The auction lasted for about 10 days, and there were more than 140 bids. During all these 10 days my site had the biggest number of bids on the whole If my memory serves me right, I got about 100 comments and messages in PM.

That’s incredible! What is the niche of the webstore you’ve sold?

I would not want to share the niche because I’m afraid to attract competitors.

What was the most difficult thing you had to deal with when you were selling your store on Flippa?

Well, I’d say that I did not expect such a large number of questions in PM and comments. I thought that I will spend about 30 minutes per day on this, but in fact, I had to work on this for the biggest part of my working day. Questions rained all day, and I tried to give quick and thorough answers.

Do you think the buyer will be happy with your store?

I think that with enough effort, he can get a really good return on investment in a short time, and can also boost the business. The growth potential of this store is very high.

Can you give any recommendations to our readers who want to sell their business on Flippa?

First of all, you need to be honest. I saw lots of scam on Flippa, and it is always obvious. When you offer a high-quality site, people understand it’s good, so the demand is high.

Also, create the description very carefully. I recommend adding as many screenshots and videos as you can. Show your profits, traffic, social networks, etc. Be ready to give a video proof via Skype or Team Viewer.

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