How To Start A Blog With No Know-How

It was 2017 …

I was unemployed, and searching for a passion task that had actually use my 40+ years experience on this world.

Dive forward to today and my site, that you are on today, has actually had many readers.

I do not say that to boast. I say that because perhaps the craziest thing about this entire journey is that I wasn’t a “writer” in the conventional sense, and from a technical viewpoint I didn’t know the very first thing about how to start a blog.

I used a spare $10 to start a blog site and wound up growing it into something that others noticed. I found out about how to do all of that along the method. From specifying my message, buying a domain, determining this entire hosting company, growing a social media following, and eventually finding a method to make some money from the entire thing.

In the beginning the something that held me back from starting was the worry of not knowing how or where to start. The worry of not being great enough. The fear of failure.

Today I wish to help you overcome all of those things. To start with, if I suffice to begin then so are you. If I can make this occur then so can you. If I can get rid of the difficulties of being out of work and divorced to build something of note, then so can you.

What about the worry of not knowing where to start?

That’s what the rest of this article is everything about. I wish to teach you how to begin a blog from scratch and find the enthusiasm that will empower your life with the biggest present of all– choice.

Let’s dive into it.

Why should you start a blog in the very first place?

Individuals start blogs for all sorts of reasons …

To inform, to have a voice, to make cash. It is necessary to understand your driving force. The reason you begin is the factor you will keep going. The factor you will get up every morning at 4am while everyone else is gladly sleeping, to compose your next inspired piece of material.

For me it had to do with the power of the social web. My blog site was a publishing machine that provided me a voice to the masses, it provided my audience a voice, it assisted the little guy get observed in a world of inflated egos and star clickbait headings.

Blogging assisted me make some noise and leave a little dent on this universe.

It’s also more than that. Above all else, blogging is a platform for self development.

It drives you to:

It will not occur overnight, however all of this is within your reach if you simply begin.

How To Start A Blog Site In Any Niche Without Any Technical Experience And (Nearly) No Cash

If you are prepared and ready to get begun, here’s a faster way to my 7-step success formula.

Step 1– Find your passion and compose an objective statement

Your passion closely lines up to your “why” for starting a blog site in the first place.

This will function as a directing light to keep you on track. Keep you energized. Keep you turning up every day when it all feels too tough.

What is it that makes you tick? What do you like? What subjects inspire you and assist you compose with ease?

Discovering your passion is a vital part of sustaining a blog in the long term. It will help you find similar individuals who are excited about the same things as you, and it will inspire you to push that bit harder when it seems like your wheels are spinning.

You wish to be able to define your passion in a succinct objective statement– 20 words or less. For me, it is all about winning at business and life in a digital world. What is it for you?

One approach you can require to specifying your blog’s objective declaration is with Porter Gale’s 4-steps:

For you this may be obvious, it might be subconscious, or it could be buried deep down within. In either case you require to discover it and record it. Post it on your wall. Read it every day.

It will keep you on track.

Step 2– Discover your tribe

Traffic, shares, open rates, click throughs … all of it suggests absolutely nothing if you can’t get in touch with the human on the other side of the innovation.

The most successful bloggers discover a way to connect on a really individual level with their audience. I call this your tribe.

Your tribe are the individuals who turn up day after day, waiting for your next piece of blogging knowledge.

You don’t pay for them to show up (at least you don’t need to). Rather they turn up due to the fact that they share your passion. They long for a sense of community and association with the other people in your tribe. They want to comment, share and communicate with you.

Without a people your blog site will pass away a sluggish death.

So how do you discover your tribe and engage with them online?

Here are some pointers:

Your tribe members share your passion, and your objective is to turn your blog site into a neighborhood for these individuals to link. You will be forever relevant in your niche if you can accomplish this.

Step 3– Establish a memorable brand

I wished to stand apart, so I got a friend to develop a caricature of my head …

How will you stick out?

Your blog site’s name and brand name is more than simply a URL. It says something about you and your passion. You require to find something that is memorable, catchy, but also meaningful and in agreement to your tribe.

Here are some pointers for establishing a remarkable brand:

Step 4– Choose a web host

Ok so you understand your passion, and you have a respectable concept about where your tribe are hanging out online. Now it’s time to actually get your blog up and running.

This is the technical stuff, but I will attempt to make it is basic as possible for you.

You can get a blog site up and running in a few simple clicks utilizing– but I would not advise going down that course.

When I first started that’s how I did it, and as my traffic grew it got to a point where I needed to do a massive website migration. Big headache.

To save yourself the same issues I would suggest opting for a self-hosted website.

In the easiest language possible, every website on the internet requires a webhosting. It’s a place where all of your data, material and blog posts are kept for safekeeping.

If you choose to get a self-hosted service your hosting service provider can grow with you, and you won’t need to deal with sluggish load times or site down time in the future.

“That sounds kind of pricey!”

Managing a self-hosted website utilized to be expensive and reserved for web developers or techies who could code their method to success. However hosting options such as Bluehost have actually made it inexpensive and available for anyone and everyone. I utilize Bluehost here at and they have managed our fast traffic growth exceptionally well. The cool thing for you is that as a long-lasting consumer, Bluehost have actually given me an amazing discount rate to pass on to my tribe members(that’s you). Sign up today for the special price of$ 2.95 monthly. You can’t even buy a coffee for that rate where I live!

Step 5– Setup your hosting account

When you select a web host, it’s time to ready up so you can start blogging.

I find it most convenient to learn with screenshots, so let me reveal you exactly how to get your blog started utilizing Bluehost.

Hurdle to the Bluehost home page and click” begin now “. From there, choose your strategy. Next, you’ll need to choose a domain. If you didn’t buy a domain when you were establishing your brand name identity, they will let you do it during the signup procedure. There are a couple of steps at this stage, but they will guide you every action of the way.

If the domain you select is free, then you can move onto the signup process where you will provide the rest of your contact info, verify your option of hosting plan, and finally enter your payment details.

The final step of the signup process is to choose a password.

Which’s it, your Bluehost account is established and excellent to go. The entire procedure should not take longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

Step 6– Select a blogging platform

Once your hosting account is setup, the next step is to select a blogging platform. (We’re practically there I guarantee!)

There are a great deal of alternatives out there, from Blog writer to Tumblr, SquareSpace and several more.

I started out on and it has grown with my website, so that’s what I suggest you use to begin.

However it’s not simply me who believes WordPress is an excellent option … 25 % of all websites online are built on the WordPress platform, and it is distinctively created for blog writers.

To get begun with WordPress, login to your Bluehost account and look for the “Install WordPress” icon in your house control panel:

You will then be triggered to choose a domain to set up WordPress on– you will more than likely simply have the one, so choose that from the drop down menu.

Next, fill in your site details in the kind provided. The essential info they are searching for at this moment is your “Site Call”, which you can pick yourself, as well as an e-mail address, username and password for the primary contact for the site– that’s you!

Let Bluehost do its magic for a few minutes and you will see a message on your screen that states” Your setup was effective”. Now you can go to your WordPress installation at the URL ‘’ and utilize your login information to gain access to behind-the-curtains of your new blog site! The look of your WordPress site will instantly go to one of the default themes. You can begin blogging with this appearance quickly, or select to upgrade your appearance with a premium style available in your Bluehost account.

Action 7– Create compelling material

Now you have your website all setup and ready to go, your excuses are quickly running out!

It’s time to start blogging.

The best blog writers … The ones that make a name for themselves in this loud world. The ones who build a people of countless dedicated fans. The ones that make a living out of their enthusiasms. They all have one thing in typical.

They release fantastic content consistently, time and time again.

So what is great material? What makes an article engaging?

Here’s a quick list:

  • It has a headline that induces a click
  • It tells a story that naturally flows from the headline
  • It’s jam packed full of visual cues and diverse media
  • It’s easy to scan with bullet points, sub-headers and smart formatting throughout
  • It focuses on one key point, and the whole article builds a powerful case for that point
  • It encourages reader’s to take an action – share it on social media, comment, sign up for your mailing list – something to progress your relationship


You started reading this post would like to know how to start a blog …

Well, what are you waiting on?

You have actually got the suggestions, tools, and techniques to make it occur. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Your worries. Your internal dialogue.

So overcome those worries of failure and make it take place. If I can, then you can too.

Ready to begin?

All it takes is the cost of a coffee.

Reward: Don’t forget the benefit deal exclusively from Bluehost— start with their first-rate hosting plan for simply $2.95 a month.

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