How to Use Instagram Video Ads

Instagram Video Ads

Today, businesses and marketers have many offered alternatives for their digital marketing mix, but couple of are having a minute rather like Instagram video ads.

More than 2 million marketers use Instagram to reach the social media network’s 1 billion active users at a time when there’s been an 80% boost in time invested seeing Instagram videos.

Instagram has actually continually expanded its offerings for marketers, with each type of ad positioning offering distinct benefits.

In this post, you’ll find what you require to know to pick the best kind of Instagram video ads based on how they align with your wider campaign goals.

Are you ready to take your Instagram video ads strategy to the next level?

Here’s a rundown on the offered formats and how to utilize each of them.

All Instagram Video Ads formats and How to Utilize Them

# 1– In-Feed Video Advertisements

With the look of standard posts, these in-feed Instagram video ads blend seamlessly into users’ feeds, offering a more natural way to reach your target audience.

Given that feeds are places where most users scroll through and glimpse at material– not always stopping to communicate with or click through to websites or download pages– in-feed video ads are the perfect positionings for increasing brand name awareness.

Many marketers have actually seen higher engagement and sales conversions when utilizing them as part of a combined placement technique (with Instagram Stories).

How to Utilize instagram In-Feed Video Advertisements

Produce videos that mix naturally into Instagram feeds, which suggests they ought to never ever be overly self-promotional.

To increase engagement, use feed videos with content that right away captures viewers’ attention and includes worth by offering something relevant or useful to them, rather than pressing them to purchase.

Sizes and Specifications:

  • Vertical Video
  • Resolution: 600 x 750;
  • Aspect ratio: 4:5;
  • Max size & length: 4 GB/60 seconds
  • Landscape Video
  • Resolution: 600 x 315;
  • Aspect ratio: 1:91:1;
  • Max size & length: 4 GB/60 seconds
  • Square video
  • Resolution: 600 x 600;
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1;
  • Max size & length: 4 GB/60 seconds

# 2– Instagram Stories

These full-screen, and limited-window Instagram video ads (which vanish after 24 hours) appear between the Stories that nearly 400 million users view daily from people they follow.

Instagram Stories have the look of normal posts, however advertisers can pick from a wide variety of functions to enhance video advertisements with special results, deal with filters, video results and text overlay to develop enjoyable, fascinating promos.

Instagram Stories have much greater CTRs than feed advertisements, with a lower CPC rate than most ad formats.

How to Use Instagram Stories:

Due to the fact that they stand for a restricted, 24-hour window before disappearing, they are a fantastic way to market limited-time offers and promotions. Calls-to-action (CTA) are available in the form of an interactive swipe-up function that takes the audience straight to your website or other destination.

Usage stories in tandem with feed ads as a one-two punch to optimize exposure.

Video ads usually run just a few seconds long, but marketers have the option of sharing videos reaching up to 60 seconds. Use the time you have to inspire.

Keep in mind, 64%of Instagram’s user base is in between 18 and 29. And, according to Eventbrite, 78 % of millennials say they would rather invest money on experiences than things, so inspiration-driven advertisements have an advantage on the platform.

Sizes and Specs:

  • Resolution: 600 x 1067;
  • Aspect ratio: 9:16;
  • Max size & length: 4 GB/15 seconds

# 3– Instagram Canvas Ads

Canvas ads allow you to produce immersive, fast-loading videos for Instagram Stories that are optimized for mobile for an exceptional viewing experience.

Canvas advertisements provide a multi-layered method to advertising in the form of what is essentially a mini-website that opens inside Instagram’s app. They get rid of the requirement for mobile users to go to external sites, which might pack slower on mobile phones (a leading cause of website desertion that adversely affects conversion rate).

How to Use Instagram Canvas Advertisements:

Maximize the additional space by utilizing an ad imaginative featuring one primary image with three cards below to show more videos or images.

Usage compelling CTA buttons that click through to in-app, full-screen canvases that motivate much deeper browsing.

The format is the perfect place to develop a fast catalog of products, allowing consumers to read more about certain items and click through to an e-commerce site to purchase them.

Sizes and Specs:

  • Resolution: 600 x 600 (Square)
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1;
  • Max size & length: 4 GB/60 seconds

Instagram Carousel Advertisements

Carousel ads let users swipe through a series of top quality videos (or images), providing broadened creative space for much deeper brand name storytelling and to highlight numerous items.

This positioning is an ideal suitable for brands who wish to reveal a variety of content or use more insight into who they are and what they offer.

Carousel advertisements support from 2 to ten images, with a format that works well for brand names with aesthetically vibrant offerings like food, fashion and live entertainment (or services looking for to leverage the power of experiential marketing).

How to Use Instagram Carousel Ads:

Add up to three swipeable, interactive videos– permitting you to triple your content for the very same advertisement invest. Usage advertisement creatives that maximize users ability to swipe through your videos at their benefit, which better engages viewers, while offering them a sense of control (a huge deal when it comes to user experience).

Sizes and Specifications:

  • Resolution: 600 x 600 or 1080 x 1080;
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1;
  • Max size & length: 4 GB/60 seconds

# 4– Instagram TELEVISION (IGTV)

Launched in the summer season of 2018, Instagram TV (IGTV) offers long-form vertical video advertisements that can run as long as an hour (Instagram videos were formerly topped with a one-minute duration limit).

Although still an operate in progress, the new Instagram video advertisements platform reveals a lot of promise.

With the goal of challenging the similarity YouTube and Snapchat Discover, IGTV video ads can run up to one hour long.

Although the broadened time limit allows for top quality documentaries and short films, the length of your video ads must be figured out by your specific audience and whatever it requires to offer clear messaging that fits your brand name identity.

How to Utilize IGTV:

Take a few minutes to offer your audience a within take a look at your brand with behind-the-scenes peeks at your company, step-by-step how-to tutorials and other helpful material.

If utilizing longer videos are your goal, discover ways to draw in viewers with TV-style material like episodic advertisements that feel like small-screen series.

Create a range of sections and let viewers know exactly what they can expect from you on IGTV. By doing this, they’ll be most likely to strike “follow” to remain tuned for future episodes.

For inspiration, 2 of the very best brand IGTV channels are Food Network, which uses the platform to share trial run, restaurant spotlights and dishes, and Netflix, which has actually used the brand-new platform to provide viewers access to interviews and video discounts.

Sizes and Specs:

Picture– Element ratio: a minimum of 4:5; optimum 9:16; Max size & & length: 650MB for videos under 10 minutes (3.6 GB for as much as 60 minutes)/ 15 seconds to 10 minutes for smaller accounts (up to 60 minutes for larger, confirmed creators).

A Quick Guide to Producing Your Channel on IGTV

Step 1: On your Instagram home feed, tap the IGTV logo in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Cognitive Surplus Instagram ad

IGTV Intro Page slide 2

Step 2: Tap on the gear icon on the best side of the screen.

Step 3: Tap the” Produce Channel”button.IGTV Intro Page slide 3

Step 4: On the Create Your Channel screen, tap” Next “or swipe to proceed to the next step.

Step 5: On the “Share Longer Videos”screen, tap”Next”or swipe to continue.

Step 6: On the Built for Vertical screen, tap”Produce Channel,”and it’s done.

Your channel will be created and you can start uploading videos whenever you like.

3 Strategies for Creating Effective Instagram Video Advertisements

No matter which Instagram advertisement format you pick, use these 3 reliable approaches to permit you to cash in on among the most powerful platforms in a marketer’s toolbox.

Strategy # 1– Believe Like a Consumer and Always Consider Their Requirements

  • Make the first few seconds count.
    This is no time for slow openers. Since Instagram users quickly scroll through their feeds, your ad must give users a reason to stop. The way to do that is to make a strong impression in the first few seconds with action in the form of movement or some stunning imagery that captures attention.
  • Mention your business early.
    Always promote your brand in the first few seconds of video ads. A Facebook study found Instagram users were 23% more likely to remember brands that mentioned themselves within the first three seconds of video ads.
  • Offer a solution.
    After hooking users, identify problems (pain points) and show viewers how your product or service can solve them.
  • Focus on one thing at a time.
    Create each video ad with a central topic, goal or theme, whether it’s brand awareness or pitching a product. Trying to cover too much ground in a single advert will overwhelm and turn off potential customers.

Strategy # 2– Concentrate On Boosting Engagement and Conversions

  • Remember the importance of thumbnails.
    While Facebook and YouTube offer advertisers the option of customizing, Instagram ads can only feature thumbnails pulled from videos. Thumbnails can make a difference between a click or moving on, so give serious thought to how to incorporate the thumbnail you will use into your video.
  • Add captions.
    Instagram videos have audio muted by default, so draw viewers in with some kind of dynamic text effects to emphasize your point and reinforce your marketing message. But keep text to a minimum, since too much text can clutter the screen and compete with visuals.
  • Use a clear and compelling CTA.
    Prompting users with a strong CTA that clicks through to your website can make all the difference between conversions. A simple call-to-action eliminates the need for them to make the extra effort by visiting a link in your bio (many won’t). Good examples: Learn More, Contact Us, Download or Try It Free.
  • Try some humor.
    Ads that invoke emotions like happiness and laughter are more likely to be shared and engaged with by Instagram users.

Strategy # 3– Do not Forget These DOs and DON’Ts

  • Visualize your ads on a smartphone.
    Keep in mind that Instagram was built as a mobile app, so your ad should be created with mobile-first design in mind. Instagram users hate rotating their phones for a full-screen experience, so stick to vertical, the format that has made Stories a huge success.
  • Keep your ads short and sweet.
    Although IGTV has opened up the potential for ads to take on the feel and length of TV shows, Instagram’s mobile-friendly design is best suited to shorter videos (Facebook’s own research has shown that shorter commercials had higher brand recall rates and longer view times).
  • Don’t overdo it.
    While you don’t want to go cheap with unprofessional, low-quality videos, relying on over-the-top production values could be overkill.
  • Test every video ad.
    Always create several versions of your ads and A/B test them to see which ones work best with your audiences. Also, be sure to review and evaluate each ad for quality and user experience.

Utilize these proven methods as a beginning point for preparing your Instagram video advertising campaigns.

On a parting note, when running Instagram video ads, always carefully keep track of analytics for engagement rates, which will help you to see what material resonates with your audience. Keep an eye on the click-through rates if your objective is driving website traffic or online sales.

If you use Instagram Stories, utilize the poll function to acquire insight into what your fans like or dislike.

And, when choosing IGTV, dive into its Audience Retention stats feature to see how long you keep audiences ‘attention.

It’s also a great concept to take note of your Typical Percentage Viewed rate, which lets you know just how much of your video was in fact enjoyed.

With imagination, appropriate preparation and just the right execution, you’ll be well on your way to developing efficient Instagram video advertisements to help put you on the roadway to digital marketing success.

What do you believe? Do you use video advertisements on Instagram? Which is your favorite Instagram Video Ads format? What about Instagram Stories? Share your viewpoint in the comments listed below!


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