Instagram Stories vs Instagram Posts

Instagram Stories vs Instagram Posts

August 2018 marked the 2nd anniversary of Instagram Stories. In just 24 months the 24 Hr lasting material has actually gained 400 million day-to-day active users. And those won’t vanish after 24hours!

Instagram Stories are here to remain. At least for the foreseeable future.

And with the impending launch of Facebook Stories ads, we can anticipate quite a change in the way users share material from the News Feed to Stories on both platforms.

Are you preparing to incorporate Instagram Stories advertisements into your Instagram Advertisements strategy! Good option!

However did you understand that users perceive and utilize Instagram Stories and Feed in different ways, and are driven to both formats for various reasons?

Yes, BOTH formats. Before leaping in with both feet, you should know exactly what to expect.

To guarantee you get the most out of your marketing budget, we’ve done the foundation for you with our latest $1,000 experiment.

Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories: Which is Best? We understand you desire responses. However first off, let’s head to Instagram itself for some definitions and some numbers:

To provide marketers more insights and help them provide what consumers desire on each, Facebook IQ: Digital Research and Insights surveyed a group of professionals (10,000 Instagram users, aged in between 13-55 years of ages and who resided in Brazil, Indonesia, the UK, and the US).

The research study exposed that 39% of Instagram users have ended up being more thinking about a brand or product after seeing it in Instagram Stories.

Because Stories are still so young, they’ve slipped under the radar of a lot of social media professionals, however know that at the current development rate they are set to surpass the conventional newsfeed for sharing, possibly as early as 2019.

This scenario presents both an obstacle and opportunity for Instagram. The obstacle is that up until now it’s been hard for them to generate income from Stories as effectively as feed advertisements. To turn this into a chance, Instagram is looking to introduce unskippable Stories advertisements.

For a great deal of digital online marketers that means we need to focus on Stories (urgently) and start evaluating the platform NOW.

Are you wondering what type of content to post? Ways to enhance it for Stories? What type of results should you anticipate? What can be set as ‘good’ Instagram Stories advertisements efficiency? And is it a lot better than the excellent, old Instagram Feed advertisements?

Let’s wear our laboratory coat and discover some answers!

Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories: Experiment Setup

A set of images or a 5-15 2nd video can be utilized for Stories, and the ideal imaginative remains in a 9:16 portrait ratio.

As there isn’t really any extra text or heading to accompany the visuals, we decided to use video for our test, because we could convey as much information as possible in the 15 seconds.

To run the very best test we required the very best video advertisements, and we got them, thanks to the creative abilities of Edoardo and his team at Combocut, a video production company based in Milan that deals with services worldwide.

Here’s the square video we utilized for the Instagram feed:

For Instagram Stories this is the variation we used:

The Stories variation is somewhat shorter as there’s a 15-second limit, but apart from that, the videos are really similar.

As discussed above, one constraint with Stories is the lack of any extra ad text.

To see if this made a distinction we created 2 ads for the Instagram newsfeed, one with ad text and one without text

We then selected a US-based cold audience of around 2.1 million in size, utilizing a 1% lookalike of existing customers and omitted current website visitors, existing customers as well as leads.

The objective of the adverts was to get users to click through to our landing page and download our Ultimate Overview of Facebook Customized Audiences.

As soon as the user entered their information they got to a thank you page to download the guide and here we fired the Lead pixel event.

We tracked the number of leads and the cost per lead (CPA) as the primary objective for each campaign.

Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories: The Hypothesis

As we were pitching a specific niche B2B item and we anticipated Stories to work best for basic consumer offers.

We predicted that we would see poor conversion rates for Stories

Were we right?

Spoiler Alert:
As we’ll discuss below, we were partially ideal about conversion rates, although the distinction was less than anticipated.

Instagram Stories vs Instagram Posts

Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories: The Results Let’s break down the outcomes

for the 3 campaigns:

  • Instagram Stories: 1.245%CTR– $2.134 CPC — $ 6.569 per lead
  • Instagram Feed (no ad text):0.709% CTR — $ 3.384 CPC — $ 6.979 per lead
  • Instagram Feed (with advertisement text):0.961% CTR — $3.045 CPC –$ 5.776 per lead

The outcomes reveal that an Instagram Feed with additional ad text leads to the most affordable expense per lead due to the highest conversion rate.

However, Instagram Stories gives the finest click-through rate and expense per click.

Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories: Experiment Takeaways

The bottom lines we discovered were:

When the ad text is eliminated, we can see that Stories actually has a slightly better CPA by 6%.

  • Stories had a greater CTR, and lower CPC so sent more traffic to the site. The Stories advert may have generated more interest, however due to the limitations of the format, we could not communicate adequate info in the ad itself so to have a lower conversion rate.

With A/B testing of the landing page, maybe by including more essential details, it might be possible to decrease the expense per lead for Stories.

  • The option between Stories and News Feed advertisements depends a lot on your deal. An ebook for Facebook Customized Audiences is a complex product to discuss in a 15-second video.

An easy offer, for example,”half-priced iced coffee on Fridays if you download this coupon”might see even better outcomes with the Stories format.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not currently evaluating the Stories format, then you risk getting left out when it begins to surpass the newsfeed for organic posting.

Even if you just commit 5%or 10% of your budget plan to testing new ideas, this will put you in a good position for when unskippable Stories advertisements will roll-out.

We are mindful that Stories requires more creative resources, particularly to fit in with the look of organic Stories posts which generally are more informal and utilize a lot more stickers and emojis than newsfeed posts.

There’s a real art to editing a video to something that can still tell a story in just a couple of seconds, and this is why we turned to a professional video company.

It is still possible to produce excellent stories with fewer resources, however make sure your imaginative group is familiar with the Instagram Stories format(as standard Facebook innovative -which is normally more official- is not likely to produce the same results if used for Stories).

With 400 million daily active users and a huge development rate, go where your users are and do not be a marketing dinosaur!

We have actually had strategy sessions with many marketing supervisors who decline to consider about Stories because they do not utilize them personally.

Large enterprise-level services are slow to adjust to new patterns, so this is your opportunity to beat them and keep your brand looking young, fresh and right on trend.

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