5 Examples Of Social Network Customer Support

5 Examples Of Social Network Customer Support

Social media customer support doesn’t seem like something worth a whole post …

After all, social media has actually been with us for a while. We understand that client care is important, we have business pages on several platforms, we respond to messages and direct tweets, resolve tickets, and slowly forget how to use a phone. What else is there to do?

It turns out that most of us do not do even that. Social network customer support experiences a sheer lack of attention. Research reveals that brand names respond to just 11 % of consumers. And that’s while we understand that consumers expect brand names to provide immediate and handy customer assistance on every platform consisting of social media.

As well, I’m here to show that social media customer support is a mix of art and science, as all finest things are. It exists to not simply tune down dissatisfaction of a single client for whatever failed, it’s a marketing channel that can draw in new customers and make the existing ones come back once again and once again and, possibly, again.

To get an idea of how to achieve that, let’s turn to brands whose social networks customer support is on the absolute top, and look at particular examples that I discover most educational.

Note that the examples provided are drawn from Twitter. Twitter has ended up being a go-to channel for client service, so most impressive replies exist exactly there. Nevertheless, whatever you can find out relating to outstanding client service on Twitter can be transferred to all other social networks channels; absolutely nothing in there can be used solely to Twitter in any way.

1. Urban Decay

Urban Decay is an American cosmetics brand name, a subsidiary of French cosmetics company L’OrĂ©al. I have actually never ever seen them included in any social networks marketing top list, however they definitely deserve it. Just take a look at this tweet:

This tweet is neither a problem nor a praise, a minimum of not directly an appreciation. Responding to it isn’t needed and would not work as a review. The brand name responded and revealed with this reply that their client service is absolutely exceptional for two factors:

# 1. They saw the tweet.

Take a look at the tweet once again. It wasn’t directed at the brand name. It didn’t use their Twitter handle, it didn’t even utilize the brand name. How did Urban Decay even see it?

While we can’t make certain, I presume they use a social tracking tool to discover mentions of their brand in addition to particular products (have a look at Awario to get a concept of how they work). This allows Urban Decay to retweet, engage, and assist those who merely voice their aggravation or delight relating to the brand name online and who do not even anticipate a response from the business. That’s taking customer care one action further.

# 2. They were genuine.

Not just did the cosmetics company use the chance to engage with the consumer, but they also did it in an amusing and edgy way. Precisely what you ‘d anticipate from a brand name that’s called “Urban Decay”! In case you’re unfamiliar with the “conceal yo kids, conceal yo spouse” metropolitan legend.

2. Casper

Casper sells sleep products online. Fact be told, Casper is sort of a legend of the social networks universe. Their social networks client care is smooth most of the time. However the example that I wish to show you is notification how Casper imitates the tone of the grumbling client? How it uses suggestions even though the customer is plainly unhappy with the brand?

While the brand understands they’ve probably currently lost this one particular consumer, it does not stop them from drawing in brand-new ones. The ones that might check out the links out of curiosity or since they’re looking for the finest items, and, lastly, they do not have to select– they have a couple chosen by the makers (we know that option isn’t constantly excellent for conversion, to say the least).

3. Etsy

Etsy is an eCommerce site concentrated on unique, often handcrafted and classic products. Being a substantial site with a number of countless followers on social networks platforms, it’s certainly difficult for Etsy to keep customer care exceptional. To make it better and simpler, they presented social networks hacks that every business large enough ought to consider.

If you take their Twitter account, they do not just have an account for Etsy. Nor do they just have country-based accounts (lots of global businesses do that). In addition to these, they’ve got Etsy Support and Etsy Success. It’s a great idea to divide and conquer, as we all understand from grim history lessons. Second, have you ever decided to tweet a grievance to a business, opened their business page and got even more upset and annoyed with every advertising and positive post, due to the fact that you’ve got a real problem here and you do not care about their latest discount rate on whatever it is? Idea so.

So with Etsy, you go straight to the Assistance page on Twitter where you can see the group resolving everybody’s problems. No requirement to state that Etsy’s replies are fast, courteous, and primarily valuable.

Etsy Success, by the method, is a Twitter page that assists people run their business on Etsy. Innovative, thoughtful, certainly not appropriate to many services– but worth a quick appreciation anyhow.

4. Wendy’s

A fast-food chain Wendy’s has most likely the most outrageous, funny, and legen-wait-for-it-dary social media consumer care (if the word “care” is even relevant here) style.

It responds to lots of grievance.

It’s a best relationship in which customers troll Wendy’s and Wendy’s giants clients. As an outcome, they have the most engaged social media pages ever and are constantly featured on different news outlets. Prospective consumers begin following Wendy’s social pages for a laugh and end up ending up being genuine consumers while totally free promotion essentially follows the fast-food chain through their whole presence.

Despite being enjoyable and edgy (often properly impolite), Wendy’s still acts quickly and valuable when real grievances occur, and you can imagine how lots of they get as a fast-food chain. Not a single victim of a poor burger gets ignored.

5. Zappos

Zappos is an online shoe and clothes seller based in Las Vegas. I truly hope that in Las Vegas everyone is as enjoyable and client-oriented as Zappos. In their Twitter bio, the merchant claims that service is their video game, and it’s difficult to argue with that declaration. Zappos replies to every tweet, they do it rapidly, with humor and individual design. They publish emojis and GIFs and imitate your routine social media obsessed college student while being truly useful.

They also undoubtedly keep track of the trademark name (“Zappos” is used without a Twitter deal with) and observe how they take every opportunity to attract attention. The tweet wasn’t even about the company– its author most likely has no idea Zappos exists– and yet, the brand responds and does it in a funny way. Wouldn’t you wish to inspect out what they are? And after that possibly remember them when you require new shoes? That’s when the line in between consumer care and client acquisition ends up being rather unclear.


Initially, I truly hope these examples influence you to look differently at social networks client care. Customer support isn’t almost sending a ready-made response to lots of dissatisfied consumers, it can also be an imaginative and amusing process, both for you and your consumers.

Second, inspiration is very important, but let’s summarize some essential lessons from these examples:

  1. Monitor your brand name and the names of your items on social networks.
  2. Utilize internet culture: when engaging with consumers, keep in mind that you can use memes, viral video, emojis, GIFs, and other credit to make the conversation more entertaining and attention-grabbing. Do it when appropriate, of course.
  3. Be funny or work with someone with a funny bone to do the task. Frequently enough, you simply need to make your client (or the ones viewing) laugh.
  4. Keep in mind, putting customer care first doesn’t always indicate you can’t take a chance to promote your product. A link to your finest or hottest items might attract new customers when put wisely.
  5. Think about producing different social pages for various sort of consumer service.

Visitor author: Alina Gorbatch is a skilled web marketing professional and content author

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