Things to Consider When Using Twitch Promotion Services

Twitch Promotion Services

Things to Consider When Using Twitch Promotion Services

Twitch has become one of the top social media platforms to earn money through live streams. Twitch has a more niche-specific audience, but it has huge potential for popular users to make a name for themselves.

We’re serious – Twitch is a big platform for earning money through streaming and ad revenue. In 2020, the highest Twitch earners made between 1.6 million to 2 million dollars.

For a platform with a little over 9 million active streamers, those numbers are impressive. Twitch offers a unique opportunity for people who are connected to the video game world and other niche communities to gain a loyal following and make some cash doing what they love and sharing valuable information and entertainment.

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that and are more curious about how to become successful on Twitch. It’s no secret that to do well through live streaming, you need viewers.

If you don’t have a loyal base of followers who care about your streams and always follow you, you’re unlikely to make much progress on Twitch. For that reason, there are plenty of companies that can supposedly sell you Twitch followers to increase your success.

The problem is that most of these companies are total scams, and they actually provide nothing beneficial for your account. Even worse, they may provide you with bot followers, damaging your reputation.

The best way to buy Twitch followers to help you gain more popularity and fame on Twitch is through a Twitch promotion service. It’s the safest and most authentic way to get Twitch followers that matter.

In this article, you’ll learn:

What a Twitch promotion service is
The best Twitch promotion sites
Why buying fake Twitch followers hurts your channel

Let’s get started!

What is a Twitch Promotion Service?

Before we look at the best options out there, we’ve got to first understand what a Twitch promotion service is.

There are plenty of companies out there who just sell a bunch of fake followers in one go, but a Twitch promotion service is different. It helps to get your content seen within a network of users so that you can all help each other gain more real followers and engagement.

Social media growth has changed over the years, so there are limitations to how you can grow your accounts. Take Instagram, for example. People used to pay for bots to go around and interact with people, hoping for a follow back.

Instagram eventually cracked down on this, effectively banning bots from working on the platform. Now, the only way that you can gain more real followers is through organic methods or having a network of users who help each other out.

That’s the goal of a Twitch promotion service – they want to keep your account healthy, so they’ve built a network of users that work to boost the popularity of all accounts that are part of the network.

You don’t have to worry about fakes, you can boost your popularity which will generate more interest in your profile, and your account will remain totally safe.

It’s hard to differentiate a good Twitch promotion service from a mediocre one, so we’ve done our research and decided on two of the absolute best Twitch promotion services.

When you use these services, you’re buying Twitch followers, but you’re not just “buying” them. You’re getting something valuable that will help your account performance. Let’s take a look.

The best sites to buy Twitch followers

Let’s see how these Twitch promotion services do it.


UseViral will revolutionize your Twitch follower growth and the way you connect with more members in your community; it’s the top place to buy Twitch followers.

It’s one of the easiest things ever, and you don’t have to do much in order to get started with your growth. So, how can UseViral provide more exposure for your Twitch account?

UseViral has established a network of thousands of users, so that when you’re looking for more Twitch followers, UseViral can provide you with real followers since they have a go-to network of users that all work to promote each others’ accounts.

When you choose a package from UseViral, you’re getting real, active followers in the quantity that you’ve selected.

In order to sign up for a promotion service, you’ll select the quantity that best suits your needs – there are options from hundreds to thousands of followers. You can also reach out to UseViral themselves and they’ll be happy to help you with a custom order.

All you have to do then is enter some brief details about you and your account – no password or sensitive information required, and you’re ready to start receiving more genuine Twitch followers.

How easy is that?

No Bots or Fakes

A common concern that people have is that a Twitch promotion service will bring them fake followers to boost their numbers. Not at UseViral – they know exactly what matters to help you perform better on Twitch and offer you only real followers to help you get there.

When you have more real followers on Twitch, your reputation grows because people see that you’re popular and they want to join your community. Not only that, you’ll also have more viewers for your live streams.

Once you start getting more followers and viewers, your popularity will skyrocket into something huge. It’s that social cred that gets you more popular, and when you buy Twitch followers with a promotion service, you’ll be getting exactly that.

UseViral will never provide you with a bot or fake followers that do nothing valuable for your account. They know better, and they actually care about their clients’ success.


There’s nothing safer than the service that UseViral provides. You won’t have to worry about your personal information being compromised, and you also won’t have to worry about your accounts being in trouble with Twitch itself.

One of Twitch’s main goals is to keep the community safe, and when you buy through UseViral, you’ll be completely in compliance with all of Twitch’s terms of service.

This is a common problem for other promotion services that use tactics that go against Twitch’s terms of use; not UseViral. They’ve never had even one account removed from Twitch for bad service practices.

This is the kind of security that you need. You won’t ever have to provide your password and they don’t store any of your payment information – it’s a one-time payment that you can make as often as you’d like, whenever you want to buy more Twitch followers through UseViral’s network.

You’ll also get 24/7 customer support from UseViral’s awesome support team, just in case you need help or you have a question.

What to Expect when You Choose UseViral

The followers that you get from Use Viral’s promotion service help to build your reputation, and they’ll leave a great impression on those who are viewing your account as well as your live streams.

You always look more credible and popular when you have more followers, and you’re likely to continue growing when you start gaining momentum in your follower growth. That’s what UseViral will help you do, and that’s exactly what you need.

Another key element of Twitch success is viewers, so UseViral can also help you with that as well. If you want more viewers on your videos, UseViral’s promotion service can also help you gain those as well.

Since Twitch focuses on live streams, you’ll need not only followers, but viewers as well. More followers = more viewers, and UseViral can help you gain both.

Not only that, when you have more followers and viewers, you get more natural reach for your content, gaining more followers and viewers as part of a healthy growth cycle.

Why Go with a Promotion Service Like UseViral?

Some people think that using a Twitch promotion service is the easy way out, or it’s not a good way to get more followers. That’s not the case at all!

Social media is highly competitive and depends a lot on your reputation and credibility. When you’re just starting out or hit a plateau, it can be super useful to inject your Twitch channel with life and get your follower count moving again.

The benefit of using a promotion service like UseViral is that everything you’ll be getting is totally real and valuable. Plenty of companies out there send over fake, low-quality followers that do nothing for your account.

Since UseViral has a network of real users to help perpetuate real followers and engagements, you won’t see any of that when you choose UseViral.


Another great option for buying Twitch followers is SidesMedia. A service that’s been around helping people with Twitch growth for years, you’ll like what you see when you use SidesMedia.

Similarly to UseViral, SidesMedia has a network of thousands of users that are all part of the growth community. For that reason, with SidesMedia, you’ll be getting top-quality, real followers for Twitch.

You can choose what volume the SidesMedia network will provide you with, and that number will be reached within the time frame that they specify for you. They’ll provide 24/7 support in case you need assistance.

Results when you use SidesMedia

When you use SidesMedia, you can expect real followers for Twitch that come in quickly and help you boost your popularity on the platform. The reputation that SidesMedia has created for itself is outstanding, so you know you’re in good hands.

Buying followers from SidesMedia can help you not only boost your Twitch followers, but will also help you with Twitch viewers. When you have a healthy number of both, your chances of success on Twitch will be much higher.

In addition to better success, you’ll be getting more reach and engagement on Twitch, all of which help your videos get seen by more people on the platform. That’s the goal, and that’s what using SidesMedia can help you do.

SidesMedia Security

SidesMedia is a totally secure service that doesn’t require a password and will get your Twitch promotion completed without any secure information, so there’s no scamming involved.

What’s more, they don’t work with any fakes or bots, so your account will be completely protected against Twitch’s terms of use.

Why buying fake Twitch followers hurts your channel

Now that we’ve seen two great Twitch promotion services, we should talk about why buying fake Twitch followers will get you in trouble.

People are so desperate to have more Twitch followers and viewers that sometimes they just buy them from the first site they find – don’t do that.

This action can have very negative consequences for your Twitch account’s health and performance. Let’s check out some of the risks when you don’t use a reputable service like UseViral or SidesMedia.

It’s against Twitch’s Policy

Twitch has recently become much stricter about the way that people gain more followers and how they interact with their followers. You always need to follow the rules or there will be serious consequences from Twitch.

They can investigate you and even ban you from the platform. This happens mostly when people use bots to engage with followers or fake viewers, so when you use a Twitch promotion service, you don’t have to worry about that risk.

Users Will Know You’re Fake

Not only can you get in trouble from Twitch, but users on the platform will also know that your followers and viewers aren’t real, making them like you less.

People want authentic and real users that they can follow and watch on a live stream, not users who buy a bunch of fake followers and viewers and spam the chatbox with bot messages. Don’t risk your reputation and authenticity – buying fake followers from a low-quality website can actually hurt your Twitch in the long run.

Final thoughts on using a Twitch promotion service

A Twitch promotion service is without a doubt the best way to buy Twitch followers. Promotion services are much more reputable and care about their clients’ success because they have taken the time to build a network that can actually help you establish yourself on Twitch.

UseViral is the most effective and straightforward Twitch promotion service, and they offer top-notch quality in all that they do to help you get more Twitch followers.

Don’t hesitate and don’t miss a great opportunity to build the Twitch empire you’ve always wanted. There’s nothing wrong with using a tool to help you get more attention for your social media – think of it as an advantage and run with it! It’s safe, effective, and worthwhile for long-term Twitch success.

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