How To Make UGC Marketing Work

UGC Marketing

Learn how top marketers are using user generated content to power their marketing strategy.

Key Statistics for Marketers

UGC has an impact beyond the top of the funnel

59% of marketers say UGC helps them easily display content online

Almost half of marketers agree that UGC humanizes marketing – something that’s incredibly important in an age where consumers are seeking authentic connections with brands

UGC helps 45% of marketers increase their social metrics

44% of marketers say that UGC supports their marketing campaigns

UGC is invaluable in wider marketing campaigns

Almost 60% of marketers claim UGC is a helpful addition to their overall marketing strategies

43% go so far as to say that UGC is invaluable to their marketing

When it comes to authenticity, 70% agree that UGC makes marketing more human

UGC is a powerful Omni-Channel strategy

UGC is a Powerful Tool for Boosting Social Media Metrics

34% of TINT users surveyed and 45% of marketing professionals agreed that UGC helps increase those all-important social media stats. This result shows that UGC isn’t just about subjective feelings, it has the potential to improve key marketing metrics.

Marketers leverage UGC across all parts of their marketing strategy, from email marketing and ad campaigns, to presentations and microsites

65% of TINT users are able to easily leverage the UGC tool for their marketing activities.

Increasing Engagement is the Main Goal

So which metrics are impacted the most by UGC? 41% of marketing professionals ranked content engagement as their top KPI.

When seen in the context of the marketing funnel, it’s clear that the top of the funnel is the most impacted by UGC. For a brand looking to scale reach, UGC is compelling type of content.

Time is the Biggest Setback

36% of TINT users surveyed admitted their biggest concern when it came to content marketing was not having enough time. This insight reveals why so many marketers turn to software to automate their use of UGC, and why there are a plethora of UGC platforms available.

Social media users are generally honest about what they think about brands. This means that companies should be careful when using social media to communicate with customers. Companies may not want to use social media because they fear negative feedback.

Users generate content that helps marketers reach their goals. Marketing professionals agree that UGC helps increase all important metrics.

Content engagement is the most important metric for marketers. UGC is compelling content that helps brands grow reach.

UGC is Now Mainstream

For 43% of TINT users and 42% of non-TINT users, UGC is already a key component of their marketing strategy. From this result, we predict that as UGC becomes more mainstream, audiences will come to expect brands to integrate it into their marketing. Brands that don’t stand to lose trust and market share.

When 92% of consumers are more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend than branded content, the authentic approach to content is the best practice.

The report shows that marketers are increasingly becoming aware of the power of UGC, and not just for top of the funnel activities. Authentic marketing in the form of UGC can be leveraged at all stages of the consumer journey, saving marketers time, money, and resources.


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