What To Do When Your Facebook Ads Account Gets Banned?

What To Do When Your Facebook Ads Account Gets Banned?

Your business boat is sailing smoothly with flowing lead generation and ads working wonderfully on your Facebook ads Account, but, there comes a bolt from the blue and suddenly your Facebook ads Account gets banned. You are left clueless and stuck with no idea what to do.

Does this story seem familiar to you? Don’t worry, you are not alone, it has happened to many people!

Before I tell you what your options are, there are some things you need to be clear about.

What you need to understand by Suspended or Banned account

‘Suspended’, ‘Banned’-these words itself are very disturbing and worrying. Aren’t they? To find a solution, you need to understand the problem first. So here it is.

Banned Account simply means that,

  • All ongoing advertisements on your Facebook ads Account will come to standstill, no matter how good they were doing.
  • The history of these ads too may remain unavailable for viewing.
  • You will be unable to introduce fresh ads to your account for obvious reasons.
  • No back end support or customer support will be visible on your account.

You may have further or different limitations. Check into your ad account to see what’s your status.

What makes an Ads Accounts get banned?

Facebook is a social media giant and any step taken will definitely have concrete reasons. There might be multiple reasons why your ads account might have hit a roadblock. You may have violated a policy either knowingly or unknowingly.

Here are some of the most common violations

  • You are not allowed to use more than 20% text in Facebook ads, you perhaps did not abide by that rule.
  • Did you write Facebook with a small ‘f’?. You need to respect trademarks.
  • Your ad must be relevant to the advertisement on the landing page. If it’s not, you may receive an unwanted notification.
  • There are some niches which are banned on Facebook, gambling, guns, dating, crypto. If you advertised any of these, you will get banned.
  • Be careful with the use of images. If the images in your ad do not confirm to Facebook’s community standards you will get banned. No vulgarity or excessive horror.

Make sure you didn’t violate any of these policies. If you did, well you might have lost your ad account forever. At least you won’t get it back through an automatic review.

It will need a human intervention and may consume more than a month to get you a reply from Facebook. Yes! That’s a really long time!

But you need not panic, you can restore your account or at least start running your ads again. How?

  1. Try another profile: Even if your primary ad account is gone, try connecting it with another profile if you have on Facebook. After all, the show must go on! Your foremost focus at this time should be to keep running your ads anyhow so that your business does not get affected for a very long period of time. Having said that, do not try doing everything on the same day or else things might get even worse. Take steady and tiny steps over two to three days.
  2. Use Facebook’s Business Page: As you might already know, Facebook does not maintain any direct contact numbers or email address, you need to be smart. Make use of their Business page. Give them all the details and any plausible explanation. If you want, you can also tag this page on other social media platforms like Twitter or Linkedin just to reach them fast. Don’t forget to be courteous while doing this!
  3. Your account getting banned is not the end of the World: Sitting back and wondering when will your account get reactivated will hardly fetch you anything. Look for alternative social media strategies. It is as simple as that. You may rethink and do a research as to which other social media branch can help you as efficiently. You might find your way through paid ads on Twitter or Linkedin.

If you violate any of the policies or rules, your account will get blocked irrespective of the amount of money you spend every month, week or day. So, instead of being grumpy and cribbing about the whole incident, you need to be consistent, polite and patient regarding your appeal. You need to wait and watch what’s happening until our account gets activated like before.

You may ask any of your close or trusted sources to create a new account on ‘Business Manager Account’ and make you the admin of the same with an all-new payment method. This way you will at least be in a position to keep your ads active (not the old ones but new ones).

Creating a new personal Facebook profile and then linking your Ads Account will be termed as illegal as this is against the terms of the agreement.

To conclude, if Facebook on its own does not get your account back into place, there is no way you can do it in the first place. This might sound a bit demotivating but this will also give a clear thought to your mind. Waiting is the best option and eventually, you will get there.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.

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