15 Interesting Facts About Blogging

Blogging. What was once simply a means for writing down thoughts and sharing individual opinions with the world, is now a multi-billion dollar industry and has completely changed the way content is created on the internet. Furthermore, without blogging, there would be no WordPress.

As we all know, WordPress is the free content management solution that makes site and content creation so easy, it’s literally all done with the click of a button. And not surprisingly, along with blogging generating billions of dollars per year, the same can be said of WordPress. It has many themes and plugins and third-party services, solutions, and partners as well.

With so much going on in this ecosystem, it’s important to take a look at a range of blogging facts to see where the industry is at today.

That is exactly what we will be doing in this article, breaking down the most interesting facts about blogging in 2020. Enjoy!

Note: These facts were taken from this Blogging in 2020 infographic.

Facts about blogging in 2020 – A reference guide

Few software solutions have revolutionized and changed the face of the internet like WordPress has. Created and founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little back in 2003, the CMS has come a long way from its start nearly two decades ago.

Let’s take a look and see where we are today.

Fact #1: WordPress users produce 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments every month

When it comes to content creation on the internet, look no further than WordPress users and their blogs. Not only is WordPress the number one CMS in the world today and makes it extremely easy for anyone to go live with a site in just minutes, but it also makes the content creation process a whole lot faster and non-techie as well.

More than 70 million new posts and articles are published every single month from WordPress-powered sites. As a result of such content, another 70+ million-plus comments are contributed to these sites as well.

Yes my friends, WordPress definitely makes the internet world go round!

Fact #2: Roughly 350 new blog posts went live while you were reading this

Not only do these content creators and blogging sites make the internet world go around, but they also do it at super light speed!

With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, content is getting published faster than you can imagine. In fact, there likely have been more than 350+ new blog posts going live while you read just the first few sentences of this article.

Fact #3: By the start of 2020, most blog articles ranged in between 1,231 – 1,351 words

With WordPress making the process of content creation so simple, it’s easy to see how and why the internet is getting flooded with more articles and blog posts than ever before.

Not only do these sites want to publish content and get more traffic, but they also want to rank higher in search results as well.

However, just publishing content isn’t going to cut it. Not only will you need to have a solid content promotion and link building strategy in place, you will also want to make sure your articles have more than 1,200+ words of text in each.

Want to improve your chances for ranking even higher? Try going for a mega resource post with over 2,000 words!

Facts about wordpress #3 Most Blogs Ranged in Between 1231 to 1350 Words

Fact #4: More than 21.1 billion WordPress articles are read every month

So much content, so little time.

Even with that being the case, more than 21 billion articles are being read every month from sites that are running off the WordPress platform.

The funny thing is, the majority of people who are reading the content have no idea what WordPress is… and that’s all part of the magic process why it works so well!

Fact #5: 80% of internet users regularly read blog posts

To go along with the fact that over 20 billion articles and blog posts are being read online every month, it’s not just from a small select group.

In fact, 80% of all web users are regularly reading blogs.

This can likely be because WordPress is powering some of the most popular sites in the world today, and also that WordPress articles rank so well in search results.

Fact #6: 70% of consumers say a blog adds credibility to a site

Speaking of blogs… people like them, and they add credibility to a brand as well.

If you already have an online business or brand and don’t have a blog, then you are simply missing out.

Brands like Disney, Fox News, Home Depot and Apple all have blogs.

Facts about wordpress #6 70% of Consumers Say a Blog Adds Credibility to a Site

Outside of adding credibility, blogs can improve site traffic from SEO and social, while also allowing your site to cover topics in more depth than you might be able to on a single product or eCommerce page.

Fact #7: 33% of consumers rate blogs as the #1 factor in a site’s credibility

Of the many different ways to rank a site or brand that you are going to buy from, what do you consider most important?

Is it the site design, the brand name or the pricing and quality of service?

Amazingly enough, 33% of consumers say they want to see a blog on a site in order to qualify it as credible.

Fact #8: 65% of marketers plan to increase their blogging efforts in 2020

WordPress sites are a dream come true for content creators, SEO experts and agencies, and of course online marketers.

However, many brand experts and marketers are still behind the trend when it comes to having a site of their own or making the necessary connections to get content or ad placements listed on them.

Because of this, 65% of marketers say they want to focus more on their blogging efforts in 2020 and beyond.

Fact #9: 53% of blog traffic is organic, while only 15% is from paid ads

Getting traffic to your site and blog articles is awesome – especially when it’s free!

However, with only a few free organic listings in Google for each keyword available, it’s super tough and very competitive.

Even with this being the case, bloggers create content and get really good at their SEO all in an effort to rank.

As a result, roughly 53% of all traffic to WordPress sites is from organic search and only around 15% is from paid advertising. (via BrightEdge)

Facts about wordpress 53% of Blog Traffic is Organic Brightedge Research Dashboard

Fact #10: Over 25% of all websites on the internet now have a blog.

Gone are the days of basic HTML websites. They are static, boring, clunky and not user or SEO friendly.

WordPress makes the process of not only having a completely interactive and responsive site easy, but it also makes the process of having a site with a blog easy as well.

For this reason and more, over 25% of sites on the internet now have a blog.

Fact #11: Marketers that blog are 1,300% more likely to have a positive ROI

Blogs are no longer run by individuals that simply want to have a little place of their own on the internet. Instead, it’s all about business and creating content that provides value to an audience.

This is why we are seeing more blogging activity from businesses, brands, experts, and professionals that want to grow in reach and overall ROI.

Marketers are also in on the action and those who focus on blogging are likely to see more than a 1,300% gain in ROI versus those who aren’t.

Fact #12: Only 1/5th of business blog posts are longer than 750 words

With as much of a focus as there is to blogging and how important it can be for growth and SEO purposes, it looks like only 1/5th of businesses are paying attention.

Posting content isn’t just about pushing something out there for the sake of it. Instead, it should be a thought out and well-timed process.

In most cases, you are going to want your blog content to be longer than 1,000 words, however, 80% of businesses are still posting less than 750 words long.

Fact #13: Longer blog posts generate 900% more traffic and leads

Again, back to the importance of content creation and putting in the time and work to make it worthwhile. Longer content simply performs better across all metrics.

This is even more so in SEO and getting long-tail keywords and more organic rankings.

Short blog posts of less than 700 words don’t rank very well. Longer blog posts of 1,200+ words or more, often lead to 900% more leads and traffic.

Facts about wordpress Average Content Lenght of Top 10 Results More Traffic

Fact #14: Sites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages

It’s easy to get your site indexed in Google, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to rank well.

To improve the chances of indexing and ranking higher, every site should have a blog and consider running off the WordPress platform.

Industry reports show sites with blogs have a 434% greater chance of ranking higher and getting indexed, over sites without blogs.

Fact #15: Blog posts with images get 94% more visitors

The best content in the world isn’t just text-based – it’s visually appealing as well.

Just take a look at social media and see what people are sharing and commenting on. No one wants to read 1,200-word articles with no visuals.

Google and audiences around the world feel the same way.

Blog posts with images not only provide better engagement and are easier to read, but they also get 94% more visitors.

An infographic guide to blogging in 2020

As much fun as it is to read about the latest stats and trends in WordPress and blogging, it’s even more fun to see visuals in infographic form!

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